6-handed tables

Why are there so many 6-handed games/tournaments? I lived in Vegas for 18 years (until last October) and NEVER saw a 6-handed game except in the WSOP. Cash games (hold-em) are usually 10-handed for fixed limit and 9-handed for N/L.

Let’s do away with the 6-handed stuff , or, at least, minimize it.


Thanks for the feedback Oink, would be good to hear from other players how they fill about the current mix of seating, over to you guys…

I like it the way it is.

6 and 9 seats are very common for online poker, and for Ring Games you have the choice to play 6 or 9 seats tables, for most stakes both are offered.

When there are a lot of 6 seats tables open, you can untick “hide empty” tables and open a 9 seats table. (Replay Poker also offer several heads-up tables and 4 seats tables)

For tournaments we have both, tournaments with 6 seats tables and tournaments with 9 seats tables, some players prefer the 6 seats and other players prefer the 9 seats tables.

As numbers of players go up and down at a table (live or on-line) especially during a tournament, in particular late in the tourney (near the bubble, chip stack, etc.) the subtleties of the game changes. These are good practice, I say.

wow very well said.