10000/20000 ring game K 6 vs 55

What a bad beat, discuss if you were in my shoes what to do?

I wouldn’t have gone all in before the flop with a low pocket pair for starters. There is so much that can go wrong going all in before the flop with a low pocket pair. For one, there are so many other higher pocket pairs that could beat you.

Your 6X pre-flop bet represented a hand much stronger than 55.
Bandit saw through it.
Was he being a pot bully?
I don’t understand what was going on there.

But I would have dumped that junk pair pre-flop.

If you would have saved that all in bet until after the flop, they may have folded, but seeing k6s called your preflop all in, maybe not, some players seem to like to play for the big thrill.