Knocked out three players on first hand of SNG

… or would have, had I not folded my pocket 6s due to poor pot odds.

But I do not regret folding the hand as I would have had to call an all-in against three opponent with 2 outs.


Hands like that really suck when you’re on a can’t-hit-anything streak. You fold, knowing it’s the right decision, then the board proves you wrong as you would have had it.

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Yes, I am becoming more circumspect these days when it comes to playing small pocket pairs preflop. Obviously you want to try to hit a set, but if there are large preflop raises, or tight players call ahead of you, and the blinds are high, starting with third or fourth pair with a 12% chance of hitting a set on the flop may be too expensive. Ideally you are in BB with a pair of 2s, and the field limps to you, and you hit your set. You are still at risk of coming up against an overset, so your ideal flop is probably 2 A K.

7s and 8s are still risky, but give you some chance of making second pair on the flop. Your chances of taking the pot are better if the board pairs.

You might call a bet to see another card, but on flushing boards you can end up in a pickle.

9s and Ts are more likely to make top pair or be an overpair if the board comes in low.

With Js and Qs I like to alternate between limp/calling and raising/reraising. An Ace on the flop will always be a problem, however if opponent hesitates and then bets half the pot, on RP it usually means that they don’t have the Ace. In a raised or reraised pot, you are more likely to be up against AK or AQ as well as AA or KK.

With KK I like to see the flop before committing all my chips/

AA is a great way to put all your chips in against an over-aggressive big stack. Either he folds, you win, or you lose. The combined probability of options 1 and 2 is well over 90%, so as good as it gets.

@MekonKing this is fine as far as it goes, but you’re ignoring many other factors that should go into a decision of whether to play a hand, and whether or how much you should open, etc.

I’m sure you understand most of them, and aren’t going into them due to space constraints, but there’s a lot more to think about than just the cards in your hand.

Pocket 6’s out of position there with a big raise is a good fold. But yeah, still hurts a bit when you see that kind of outcome haha !

Yes, of course there are other situational factors, but this is just a brief commentary, because many players on RP seem to believe that they should automatically shove the flop with any pocket pair, even with three overcards and no draw to the bottom straight, and just wanted to introduce the idea that a pocket pair is not an automatic call or shove in every situation.