What are you listening to now?


Posting this now before I forget!

Happy New Year everyone!



future winner of rp contest


Yes !!! :slight_smile:


Sorry - @harley57 got this into my head from the word association thread. Now I have to inflict it on the rest of you :slight_smile:


Hahahahaha, payback lol


Ack - I’m on an '80’s kick now. Wild time for music. This one needs to be cranked up to 11 :slight_smile:

I don’t always listen to The Cult but when I do, so do the neighbors :wink:


1 more - probably the defining song of a generation brought up on John Hughes’ films.


Good stuff !!!



Courtesy of @Craig_Anthony and @Sassy_Sarah - another Word Association post triggering a music memory.


Hahahahaha, awesome :+1:t2:




I like it lol.


You would you clown :grin:

Be warned - you cannot un-hear it. The slow descent into madness begins. It will play over and over in your head until you find yourself pogo-dancing in the grocery store. Then the nice young men in their clean white coats come to take you away. Ha Ha!:rofl:


Kulning - Ancient Swedish herdingcall
Farmers got different tastes…