What are you listening to now?


thanks for posting this, absolutely super Jan xx


Can’t put a word to it. Simply magnificent doesn’t even do it justice.

Divine !!!


Had to …


You ladies are outdoing yourself lol how many times can I watch these two videos hahahahaha.

Awesome !!!


I tried and screwed it up lol, remember your talking to a computer dummy, only four things I do on this, pay my bills, watch youtube, play some great poker, and google questions, can you explain it any easier, LOL …


Your a PERV !!! lol.


Sure Harley,

When your on a YouTube video you want to share in this thread you have to copy and paste the link.

To do this highlight the YouTube video link with your mouse. Left click and hold the left click button on your mouse then drag the courser over the YouTube link. The link will be highlighted in blue if done correctly. After this right click on your mouse while the link is highlighted. A menu will appear and you will see “Copy” left click on that in the menu and the link to the YouTube video is copied.

To paste the link into this thread come to this thread and right click your mouse and you will see the same menu as before. You will notice there’s an option that says paste. Click on that and the link will paste into your post and and simply publish the post. The link you added will automatically appear as a video when published.

I hope this is helpful.



It’s always all about the music !!!


why thankyou , marc, it does sound easy, gonna save this first, and than give it a try lol wish me luck.



I’m afraid I broke the thread with this submission!


Haahhaaahhaaah. Priceless!!!


I love it hahahahaha!!!



Back from my vacation just in time for winter. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


Before there was Tori Amos there was Kate Bush. If you like Tori Amos, you might like Kate Bush. Some of her music was eccentric and strange, but a lot of it was beautiful. Check this out to listen to her if you’re not familiar.


On that note, I did a little digging on YouTube and found this audio mashup someone put together of Tori Amos and Kate Bush.


rick rolled!


Epic psych-surf, garage-noise rock.


Just as advertised. This Guy can Fly~