How To Keep A Computer Running Smoothly and Properly


I’m running Linux Ubuntu MATE. It’s a free OS, I don’t have to use anti-virus, cleaners etc. and defragmenting isn’t necessary. I just delete cookies every once in a while.
I ditched Windows in 2010 and haven’t looked back since.


wow, I could only wish I understood what you said ,lol.


Another good tip that I forgot to mention is that it’s a good idea to physically clean your computer. I clean my Laptop about twice a year. Once every six months.

First power off your device. If you are using a battery powered device take out the battery , put it in a safe place and make sure your charger isn’t plugged in. If your using a desktop computer just make sure your computer is unplugged for safety reasons.

Open up your computer case or laptop and dust off any fans inside. What some people don’t realize is that dust builds up over time and acts as an insulator causing the computer / laptop to heat up affecting the deceives performance.

The other thing I do and this is mainly cosmetic is I dust off the computer’s keyboard. I take a small spoon and I slightly damp a cloth and wrap the cloth around the spoon (the back end of the spoon) to clean the keyboard and It can reach tough places on the keyboard to clean.

I use a plain T-Shirt with nothing on it to clean the screen Always use a soft cloth or T-Shirt and never use anything on it but a little bit of damp water (don’t have dripping water simply ring the shirt out just so it’s damp.) I softly just clean screen then take another part of the T-Shirt to dry the screen.

After that just plug your device back in and your good to go. If you haven’t done this before you should notice your device running a bit faster with all the dust cleaned from the fans.



I use the vacuum cleaner hose to clean all the ports, fan openings and keyboard on my laptop and use a soft cloth and cleaner that I got at Best Buy for the screen.I use it on my TVs also because it leaves a clear film on it when it dries and I just dust if after that . I only use the cleaner around every 3 months :+1:t2:


Make sure your computer has enough fiber in its diet. All the SPAM and cookies can be a real issue and for max performance, you definitely want your computer to be regular.




Yo Adrian, I gotta regular computer like everybody else. It looks like a television typewriter, no? What’s that little rectangular thing though?


I’ve been playing here for a couple of months,but suddenly my adobe flash keeps getting blocked,and I can’t play as of now. Any ideads?


Hi edjer,

If your flash is on automatic update, then I would suggest you use Chrome as your server as this one supports Replay poker better than any other.


As grapevine said you can switch your browser to Google Chrome.

I run Microsoft Edge as my browser and have no problems.

Make sure you clean your cache and update your flash. Sometimes you have to uninstall it and reinstall it.

Abobe is shutting down in a few months as it is outdated and obsolete so websites are migrating over to the new HTML5

Don’t forget, Replay Poker does not support mobile devices as of yet also.

Hope that helps and good luck.


Thanks Craig and grapevine…I use both Edge and Chrome,and had same issue with both. But although my puter said Adobe was enabled,I was able to correct it by re-installing Adobe Flash…Appreciate the responses!!!:wink:


Great news :+1:t2:


on Edge here as well…


I use Edge every once in a while. When I first installed Windows 10 Edge took forever to open so I really didn’t use it much. (Though I think it was because my Laptop wasn’t running that good at the time.) I use Edge mostly if I’m doing research on something. I usually type in whatever I’m researching in Cortana (Windows 10 built in assistant) and Edge by default will open and give me the results of what I’m researching.

I occasionally use Edge to check emails and even to order Pizza online from local restaurants but not that often. I might try Edge in the future on Replay just to see if the tables load any faster then it does with Chrome. (Sometimes in Chrome it loads really fast and other times really slow and I miss the first few hands of a tournament.)

I use Edge a lot for PDF files and another feature I like with Edge is the ability to hide multiple tabs.



OK, here is a little on how tech inept I am. I was using the laptop in my home office when all of a sudden it powered down. I tried to restart it but nothing. Tried again and nothing. Tried in the morning to see if it just overheated and nothing. So, I took it Saturday morning to the repair place and lo and behold, the AC adapter had slipped out and it was out of charge.

I felt like a moron but I made everyone’s day at the shop with a funny story they could tell their friends.

So the lesson of the story is to check your power source before you do anything else :slight_smile:


My computer gave me quite the scare tonight. I decided to restart my computer because it hasn’t been restarted in a couple weeks and upon restarting it wouldn’t reboot into the Windows 10 operating system I got a message on the HP screen (My computer is a HP Pavilion 2000 Notebook PC that I got for Christmas 2012 currently running Windows 10. yeah It’s old lol.) saying something like “Repair running” then “Repair diagnosis”

I restarted my system a few times after this happened. I repeatedly I got the same result. My computer gave me an advanced options menu and an option it gave me was an option to run a system restore and luckily after about an hour the system restore finished and my computer booted normally.

I’m thinking this may have happened due to a failed Windows 10 update but I’m not sure. Initially I thought it was a hard drive failure but I quickly realized it wasn’t because I could hear the hard drive power normally when the computer was first turned on. I ran a virus and malware check and both came up clean.

I’m just happy my computer is working fine again.



Interesting note: I had to manually install Adobe Flash onto my HP Pavilion 2000 notebook laptop PC even though I have Chrome as my default browser on my PC (Chrome has Adobe Flash built into it.) though for some reason, after I did the system restore on my laptop the Replay Poker tables didn’t load and when I right clicked and selected “Run Flash” on the tables screen my laptop did absolutely nothing. (I ended up completely missing two tournaments I registered for, A 500 chip buy in Bankroll Builder tournament and a Freeroll tournament because of this. I’m not really mad about it. Just frustrated at my laptop computer ). It was only when I individually installed Adobe Flash Player onto my laptop the Replay Poker tables started loading fine for me again without any issues.

It’s been long night resolving my computer problems. It is about 2:00 am as I type this Eastern Standard Time. Off to bed shortly.

If any computer experts have any information or advice about the issues I’ve explained I’d love to hear them! I know I have to start saving up money for a new Laptop computer but for now my current Laptop computer will have to do.



No matter what browser you are using some programs and websites depend on Flash. It’s not a hard drive problem it’s a flash problem. Keep
It updated for now until it’s obsolete which is soon and shut down your computer weekly and turn it back on. Check for Adobe updates weekly if you don’t have automatic updates for it turned on.

Hope this helps and sorry you missed those games.


Hey Marc,

This past week has been troublesome for some folks with systems that migrated into Windows 10 (vs being native Windows 10 systems) due, I suspect, an update they didn’t digest well. IT Support is my business (22 years now) and I have yet another laptop in the shop now that is refusing to boot back into Windows. System Restore, although available, hasn’t fixed this one’s issue yet.

Craig’s suggestions are good - shutdown (full) and restart at least once per week. Turn “Sleep” and “Hibernation” off as they only save you time starting up and are a disaster when they decide not to wake up. Also, both don’t let the system wipe the “slate” clean so you’re going to lose performance over time due to mounting memory leaks.

Next, check how your System Restore is configured. Many systems only reserve a minimal amount of space for the storage of “Restore Points” and my view is more restore points ensure the ability to get back to normal sooner. My standard, providing there’s sufficient space, is to give @10% of your drive space over to “Restore Points”.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the advice Ron and Craig. My computer system is working fine now. Appreciate the advice!