How To Keep A Computer Running Smoothly and Properly


Just recently, my desktop PC running windows 10 pro does a random newstart! … has anyone else had this problem since the last few updates? (happened right in the middle of a tourney on 2 seperate occasions).


I’ve been doing IT support for 22 years now and recently I’ve been exposed to this happening…As far as I have been able to determine it’s probably due to an errant Windows Update. With Spectre and Meltdown afoot, the support folks have been trying to mitigate the issue with mixed results. I suggest you double check that your System Restore configuration is adequate and be prepared to use it if these issues keep occurring.

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Thanks bud, I do a regular Acronis backup of my Main drive whenever a change is made (install or update) and at least once every 2 weeks so I’m not really worried about losing anything.
I have made some setting changes which were reccomended and will just have to wait and see if a random reset happens again to see if I’ve cured it.
I apreciate your replying, thanks :wink:


Your data protection strategy is excellent and positions you well to deal with whatever comes your way! That said, another thought occurs to me. Double check the “Power” settings for your system. Please make sure that such things as “Sleep” and “Hibernate” are turned off as they’re almost useless in a desktop system and can be a nightmare when the system chooses not to “Wake up”. I’m thinking that perhaps a recent update has thrown a bug into “Sleep” or “Hibernate” and that could explain what you’re experiencing. Turning off those certainly wouldn’t hurt.


Just wanted to note the Windows 10 “Spring Creators Update” (version 1803) is expected to be released sometime this week or weekend.

The update was suppose to start rolling out on the 10th but developers found a bug at the last minute.

The new version includes new features and security updates. Typically I wait a few days before installing a new feature update to avoid any bugs or problems upon release.



Microsoft has began rolling out the Windows 10 “Spring Creators Update” which is the newest major update to the operating system and it includes new features and security updates. Below are a few tips on what you should do before making the upgrade to your device.

Backup Important files - Before installing the new Windows 10 update you should backup any files , folders , programs etc that are important to you because there is always a chance (unlikely but still possible) something could go wrong during the installation. You can backup your files to a USB drive or a cloud like Google Drive.

Make sure there is enough space on your system - Before installing the update make sure you have space on your system so the update can download and install the update. I think it’s always a good idea to empty your recycling bin and delete temporary files.

Temporary disable your anti virus - You should temporarily disable your anti virus to avoid any conflicts during the installation of the update. Just remember to turn your anti virus back on afterwords.

I hope these tips are helpful. Please note it may take a little while for the update to install so make sure you update your system while you have some free time because you won’t be able to use your system while it’s updating.



Installed the new upgrade and so far I like it. I noticed my computer is running a little bit faster with the new upgrade and the startup was fast as well. Only took about 40 minutes for the upgrade to install on my system.



Hi Marc
I also installed the latest upgrade, and to be honest, so far the only updates seem to be privacy violations :joy:
I don’t know if you got the same, but all I got from this update is: would you like to activate speech recognition so that Microsoft can recognize your voice? Would you like to send everything you type to Microsoft to improve language and typing? Would you like to send Microsoft your location to help give you better suggestions? Would you like to send Microsoft your browsing habits and app usage to help better understand your needs? Would you like Microsoft to track your device in case you lost it?
So I’m assuming the next upgrade will be something like: Would you like to send Microsoft your fingerprints, a DNA sample, and all your bank details? Would you like Microsoft to be under your bed when you’re sleeping? Would you like Microsoft to plant a chip in your head to track you even when you’re not using your device?


Hi Maya,

In the update version 1803 there are new features like the new Timeline feature which allows you to back to websites , files and programs with one click. So far my favorite new update.

Focus Assist is basically a new version of “Do Not Disturb” with new settings including what notifications you want to see when the setting is turned on.

Updates to the Xbox game bar feature

Updates to Cortana.

Microsoft Edge Updates (runs faster , updates to Edges reading features plus a new grammer tool, new extension updates. )

Security updates and patch fixes.



Cool stuff. Thanks Marc.


Hi Marc,

Some good information here especially for those who are not experts, thanks for that.


I am on Windows 10 pro, 64 Bit and it’s installed on an 8 core machine, on checking my System specs I see that I’m running on Win Ver. 1709 . I checked for updates and Microsoft says that I’m up to date.

So… what’s version 1803?


Version 1803 is the newest update also known as the April Update. The reason why it says your system is up to date is because Microsoft rolls out the update in waves to avoid their servers from an overload. Typically the newest computers receive the update first.

However you can download the update manually if you don’t want to wait for Microsoft to send out the update to your system. If you Google “Download Windows 10” and click on the first link which should be the official Microsoft website, on the site you’ll see that it says “Windows 10 April 2018 Update now available” and you can download and update your system though the Windows Update Assistant which is what I did.

If you prefer to wait you’ll get the update though the regular Windows update eventually.

I hope this is helpful.



Thanks Marc… Downloaded the new build and it seems to be running ok. Backed up the previous “C” drive first just to be on the safe side :wink:


How To Keep A Computer Running Smoothly and Properly

Install Linux.


I’m a fan of Linux as well.


Hi everyone,

It’s been awhile since I posted in this thread and I recently found two new tools (well new to me) that will tell you the specifics of your system and information about your computer which can help diagnose potential problems on your system

Again, this software doesn’t repair problems on your system but can help diagnose problems. Both programs are free to download though I recommend downloading the zip files of these programs so you can delete them easily and it won’t take space up on your system.

CPUID - This program will give you specifics on your system of what hardware is used on your system which is helpful if you have to repair, replace parts on your system or if you have to take it to a repair shop.

Crystal Disk Info - This program will give you a health status on your Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive (I recently ran this on my Laptop that I’ve had since 2012 and my drive that’s never been replaced still has a good health status.) This program will also show how many times your system has been powered on and how many hours It’s been used.

I think these are two great tools that are helpful especially if your experiencing problems with your system.



Heads up to Windows 10 users:

Microsoft has released version 1809 which is the latest feature update for Windows. The update includes feature updates , security patches and fixes and more. The update is available to download though the normal Windows Update.

Go to settings, click on Updates and Security and then click on Windows Updates and check for updates.

Be sure to back up any important data that is important to you just to be safe.



Thanks for that info Marc, I’ll set my trusty Acronis into motion and back my C drive up, … (good advice) … and then, it’s update time for me :smiley:


It’s been a crazy tech night for me:

Tonight I updated my Laptop’s BIOS for the first time ever. The previous BIOS came when I bought the Laptop in 2012.

I don’t remember the full name of the BIOS update but it went from version F12 to F48.

When the BIOS update installed the fan in my Laptop got very fast and loud before the fan stopped. The fan started up again when my system restarted less then 2 minutes later. After the update installed I initially got an error message saying there was no bootable OS. I did some quick research on my phone and a hard restart fixed this issue and proceeded to boot into Windows 10 normally.

I verified the new BIOS was installed and then I decided to check the health status of my drive with Crystal Disk Info and the health status read caution. The caution is for a reallocated sector count warning. I immediately checked my backups and backed up a few files that I haven’t already had that I want to keep in case my hard drive completely fails.

I then ran the Windows Chkdsk tool and it said no errors were found. I will run it again later though in the command prompt.

I plan to get a new Laptop around Christmas so I hope my current one lasts until then.