Unreal! i'm in shock!

yesterday when i tried to log to your site, this item came up stating that they were from FBI n that i was in some trouble for some bull, i was told to go to walmart n get a card to pay a $300 fine or else! I’m still learning how to work my computer,so for sure i didn’t do what was implied. Just want u to know what happened, I put my computer off n i took out battery! END of that @ my end!! So i hope you can find out what really happen! cause really FBI sends guilty people to walmarks for a debit card to pay fine??? Let me know what you find out if you could, if not no problem. I love your site!!!

That is a scam. Trying to get you to buy their computer protection. It is a virus

Hi avgam,

It sounds like you’ve picked up some malware and that’s what’s causing these strange messages. We’d recommend running whatever security software you have on your computer and removing any suspicious programs that it finds.

Best of luck.

Cheers, Lesley