CONTEST - What was your favorite promotion or update in 2018?


Espero verte más :slightly_smiling_face:


Bust the Staff was my favorite!


Bust the staff is fun ,but what is more important is that we got people here from all over the world having fun and getting along . Myself have got 33 new friends from all over the world and I love it.


I love the updates. If Replay Poker were to offer more multiplayer games per hour, this might be an excellent improvement for next year. I don’t like the “facebook” specific options because I boycott that site. Great site Replay keep it up!!!


new year free rolls since I just recently joined replay


like the names of player in room higher rank player less all in!


I love those promotions, as long as they do not bring dead players on many tables just to win the promo prize.
Also, it would be cool for the awards to bring a tiny stack of chips to add to their value.

I ant to thank the moderators too, as this morning network issue was quickly resolved :slight_smile: (@grapevine)

To answer the question, my favourite was santa’s… even if i saw many dead players as noted above.

I would like the forum’s 100k chips gift, as I just lost everything in a ring game ROFL, but i got the PayDay award just before :slight_smile:


In this promotion the start times screwed me up a bit , use to loging in for 7/2/5 and 8 everyday so I missed a few games but also bingo players must have missed also (seam to be less of them)


The best promotion was Bust the Stuff


i love to just sit and play in ring games. that way i can leave whenever and have a smoke. i would love to do tournaments but i need smoke breaks. replay your doing a great job with all your promotions, keep up the good work. peace to all players but watch your chips! sweetness.




I thing that the World Cup tourneys to win tickets to the finals was the most challenging and fun for me!


My favorites are the Regionals: American, European & Asian. I rarely miss a Regional except this month have not played the Asian as much. My other favorites are the Gemstone Hold Em games… League games with TTP is fun & conpetative play with friends & look forward to more players joining the league. Replay is awesome for having so many games available for all.**


Just love everything about replay.
Rigged - no way I have folded winning hands, many times played the Bingo players and walked out
Its all good but only as good as the players that sit down and play.
Keep up the good work - all updates are improvements.


While I don’t typically play the rebuy tournaments , I must say the April Foolery Free rolls, were my favorite for the year. They seemed really chaotic for the first 2 or so but then after people got used to them they were even crazier. It made them a lot of fun.


My favorites were any of the ticket hunt games.


The Gobble Games. Lots of folsk qualified, kept hope alive!!


Do Bankroll Builder Re-buys count? That’s where I like to play.


My favourite was the Will Hunting. I have spare time to play usually at night and that one is in appropriate time for me. I like other multi-table tournaments as well.


I would say the Astral SnG leagues, as well as the one time SnG leaderboards, like Santa’s Stunning SnGs.