CONTEST - What was your favorite promotion or update in 2018?


love the regional MMT leagues


I liked the higher stakes in the games with the thousand chip buy in and the pile of chips is not that much., Adding more toward the end was nice. Didn’t win any, but those tend to have fewer players so you have half a chance.


Bankroll builder is the one I think.


The Gemstone Leagues are Very Cool. Save those tickets and try to rack up some chips over a week. The newest Stampeed and so many freerolls is very good! Great Job Replay.


really enjoyed the christmas specials like Santa’s s+g’s


I’m very new here and barely find time, yet, to play. But I do enjoy the BankRoll Builders with Rebuy, although I have yet to win one. lol


I really enjoyed the yearly MTT Leaderboards, which I believe was in their first year.
I think they could use an adjustment, as to not favor those that must nearly live here, lol.
Allow twice the tourney’s played than before to count (360), have a minimum amount played of 180, then, and a really big then, divide one’s total tourney points by the total amount of tourney’s played.
Therefore, if one player has 3 million points with 400 T’s played, while another player has 6 million points with 800 T’s played, they’d be in a virtual tie :slight_smile:
Anyways, just a suggestion, lol


I’m pretty sure there was a yearly leader board from the year before as well. It wasn’t their first year. Probably the second (at least the second). Can’t find the 2017 leader board on the promotions page anymore, but it was there before.


I enjoy the Freerolls and have enjoyed the New Years promotions


I like the HNY Freerolls and happy to see the increase in chip packages deals


The World Cup was a lot of fun. Lots of chances to win tickets for the big dance and the final 4 were amazing. Really enjoyed the whole event.


( I was joking about being “very new here!”)


I loved the World Cup. Lots of entry games and the final four were a good chance to win come chips. Good contest.


I like the discount chip purchase


Bust the Staff! I once busted Mr. Replay and he wrote me a nice note. :star_struck:


Halloween harvest!


that’s a hard one.
I really like “bust the staff”.
also enjoyed the “gobble games”.
ring games when" santa " might show up.
but I guess my favorite is the “freerolls” I don’t mean just hold em, I mean ALL the freerolls.


I think Stampede was my favorite.


me gustan todos en los que tengio tiempo para participar.
que por cierto es menos de lo que me gustaria.


I really didn’t play in the promotions. I concentrated on the Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments. As you can see I really went down hill fast… but will recoup my $'s I’m sure. Happy New Year!