YouTube to the rescue

Its funny no matter how big of a corporation you are, you just can’t catch’em all (no pun intended to Pokemon )…

So I miss’d Survivor on Wed night, and waited patiently for CBS to put it up prolly mid-day thurs… Now over the last few years… each year there seems to be some new hell they put me thru to watch a miss’d episode from free TV ( don’t get me started , there’s another 1 there lurking ) anywho… 1st I try without cookies, so private… won’t load the video even… none will load… so I’m like screw this I’m going to YouTube… on the CBS channel, everything there same as thier site, but the full episode, BUT @least everything plays just fine… I’m like ooooooooo’k…:sob: so I watch a couple bits&pieces, but not the full show… I then go back to CBS and try with cookies, ect ect… and I get a commercial, then no video… some lame error msg… I try this a few times and give up… I send them some very “irate” feedback… :rage:

Take a new shot today… thinking they might have got thier “stuff” together, but noooooooooooo… still the CBS site , error !!!.. I go back to YouTube, I try a few different search perameters… I find a couple that have “been removed”… then like 10 pages deep, YESSSSSSSS :sunglasses: … 1 slipped thru… didn’t google/amazon buy youtube and its gotten lamer, but they have huge staff…all the tech… yet there it is… I get to watch the whole show, even skip all the commercials, CBS gets hosed… so why doesn’t CBS just understand this and bypass all the BS ???

I mean com’on, seriously ??? :thinking:

But Thank You, YouTube… you somehow came thru again !!!

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I am also a big Survivor fan with frustrations with the CBS site! Lol. It’s worked for me lately, but it sure can be fickle.

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I utilize Xfinity for my internet and cable. I can go to their site and view NBC ABC and CBS shows a day after they air on tv as new episodes. It never fails. I just saw Every episode thus far of Orville and I am now working on Gifted. ( yes I watch trash and love it). look into DVR recordings too.