Why winning tourney points is Misleading?

Why winning tourney points is MISLEADING on free rolls and other multi table tournaments. Why when placing in the top 10 in a tourney, and it say’s you got $$$$ so points, then in your account there not there, why even say we won something when they are useless in those type of tourney’s. Maybe change the title to “Ranking Points” that you just won. Or just hide it in the background where we aren’t so mislead or confused about it. Simple way is, you win or you lose and nothing in between. Just my Rant, any others share the same idea?

I dont think is misslead anyone, only you have to know how this work. http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/how-tournament-points-are-calculated

As freerolls have “b” as zero buy in, the tour points will be zero for freeroll.

“only sum your top 10 multi-table tournaments per week, top 20 per month, and top 100 per year.”

This answear for your question?