Why did i got folded?

for some reason i got folded with a great hand, can anyone tell me why and what i did wrong?

here is the story:
in the previous hands i made a few poor timed bluffs but in the process at least found out i was on a table with a lot of calling stations, so i played a suited rag ace (considered good implied odds).
as expected everyone called. flop gave me a flushdraw, everyone checked, so did i.
turn was nothing useful but only got a small bet i could easily call.
river gave me the nut flush. while i was thinking if i should slowplay or bet this one i ran out of time (my mistake) so it was a check, but before my opponent could bet i immidiately clicked the ok button of the warning that my time ran out, i also saw my name wasn’t black (which means an insta fold) so i assumed everything was ok. but when i wanted to reraise all-in (what he almost sure would call) i was already folded the nuts.
result: missed about a 35k pot (profit only)

here is a link of the hand i talked about
hand 296875250


anyone know what i did wrong?

You can surely see that on that hand you folded. I noticed you take a long time to click a box. 2 things, you either got timed out ( and sometimes it goes faster than usual ) again or you simply clicked the wrong box ( Fold )

Sorry for the missed action.


thx for the reaction.
i absolutely didn’t clicked the fold button, but i did took too long in the end and got timed out, but that was when you saw the check on the river. afterwards i immediately clicked the ok button and my username wasn’t black but got folded anyway. do you know how that happened?

I don’t think you did anything wrong here, and I’m sorry that you missed out on that pot! @Craig_Anthony has likely figured out the cause here – there was likely an extremely short period where the game didn’t recognize that you were at the table due to a very brief disconnection and auto-folded you.

There is lag involved. You clicked “back” and that had to get all the way back to the server and be recognized . In the meantime, the server thinks you aren’t there, so took the action of folding you because it hadn’t yet gotten the signal that you were back.

Sometimes these signals travel very fast, sometimes less so. It depends on a lot of factors such as internet traffic at that instant, the route your packets took, and so on. “Fast” is a relative term when it comes to the net.

ah ok, i get it now.

thx for letting me know all of you.