I bet and my hand is folded

493347115 I was dealt AK . I bet to raise and my hand folded. This has happened several times in the last few days. What the heck is going on???

had this. slow flash player. you bet but before the click is transmitted you run out of time.

make sure to update the flashplayer to the latest version and close all unused windows/tabs.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I’ve been noticing this for days now, but it hasn’t been so bad that I lose my action. But today, I’ve had a few instances where I promptly click call or raise, the animation seems to recognize what I’ve done, then I’m grey and folded. Definately affecting many people. I had AhKh and saw a flop with two hearts - usually I try to see a cheap turn, see if I can hit the flush, but each action is another oppotunity to grey out, so I pushed all in. Didn’t hit the flush and that’s all good, but the animation lag directly affected how I played my hand.

i don’t know how to help solving the lag. however, maybe i do know a few things that can help to make it a smaller problem:
1: try clicking the lobby away, the lobby sometimes slows your table (of course you can do the same with all other unnessecary tabs you don’t use)
2: when you enter a table, use one without a lightning flash. these tables are having very short time to think about your actions, so without it you have more time to make your actions.

gl every1

Oh hey I have something to say about this…I live in the country, I have HughesNet for my satellite internet provider…sometimes it’s good…and sometimes it’s bad. Slow and fast, depending on cloud cover radiation retardation sunspots forest fires ham operators bats cowfarts and even wind sometimes. I’ve been burned several times with a great hand…then I click click click…and get the “I’m back” bubble. So WHAT. This is basically FREE POKER…and I thank you REPLAY!!!


It is really difficult to win a folded hand…

I complained about this a while back and Grapevine suggested I try Slimjet
Like flipping a switch the problem was solved!
The only thing I don’t like about Slimjet is that it won’t replay/save a hand at the table…but I’d rather deal with that than timing out when I have the nuts :wink:

Thanks to all who replied. Sure appreciate you.