What are tourney points for

what are tourney points for

We calculate points for the Tournament Toplists using the formula:



n=number of participants k=position in tournament b=amount of buy in

Let me try to explain it…

Say you placed 1st in a 10 person tournament with a 10,000 buy in.

If you put those numbers into the formula, it would look like this:


Hence, you would receive 15,844 points.

If you placed 5th in the exact same tournament, you just swap the 1 for a 5, and evaluate.

The formula would look like this:


Hence you would earn 7,086 points.

Please note that we only sum your top 10 multi-table tournaments per week, 20 per month, and 100 per year.

Tour points are for ranking in tour toplist. http://www.replaypoker.com/toplists/mtt