Tournament points earned disagree with external verification

I’m working on a Google Sheets spreadsheet that tracks the tournament points earned in league play. I’ve been seeing some discrepancy between the tournament points calculated by my spreadsheet and the points officially earned in the tournament.

The site gives the following equation for calculating the tournament points:

Tournament points are calculated using the following formula:


Where *n=number of participants, *k=position in tournament, and b=amount of buy in.

In the spreadsheet, this is equivalent to the following function:

=CEILING(1000 * (SQRT(n))/SQRT(k)) * (1 + LOG10(b)))

I’m using this function for Astral league SNG and obtain accurate numbers. But for MTT league games, the numbers are inconsistent.

Sometimes my calculation is accurate exactly, but other times it can be off by a few points.

Date Tournament ID Players Finish RPP Pug’s
7/31/19 2867274 30 14 8784 8784
7/28/19 2868011 32 1 33942 33942
7/24/19 2867273 32 14 9072 9072
7/21/19 2868010 31 25 6682 6684
7/17/19 2805038 21 25 6547 6552
7/14/19 2868009 20 30 7349 7350
7/10/19 2805037 27 5 13943 13944

I am able to verify by checking the tournament points earned for my finish in the games I played, in my Activity page. But I can’t see every player’s Activity page to get their official tournament points earned, and it is infeasible to scrape the information from the site even if I could.

I’d like to understand why my calculations are not coming out exactly the same as Replay’s official numbers. And, if possible, get my calculations to agree 100% with Replay’s.

Would really appreciate it if a Replay rep can answer this definitively.


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I Use This

At the very top, within the search box,

enter the correct numbers for:


“Finishing Position”


Then hit enter.

Comes out to within fractions of what Replay calculates.
(or at least it did when I used to use it often)

Thanks for responding. While that might be accurate, I need to be able to implement something in Google Sheets, as a calculation.

Hi puggywug

Could you review the number of entrants and finish positions in 2805038 and 2868009?

25th of 21 and 30th of 20 might be causing errors if those are the numbers you used in the calculation


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Thanks for catching that… I’ll have to go back and review my data. I’ll update when I can.

In your spreadsheet you are taking the ceiling of (1000*sqrt(n/k)). You should take the ceiling of the whole term.

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That might have been it. At any rate, I’ve redone my sheet, and I am no longer seeing the discrepancy. So I conclude that there must have been some subtle error in my function syntax, possibly exactly what you pointed out, that was causing the problem. It appears to be fixed. Thanks to all who replied.

Update: That’s misplaced close-paren was exactly the problem! Thanks again for catching that, @narench!