How are tournament points acquired and tracked?

It seems that every site tracks tourneys different. I was just curious how it was done here on replay. It doesn’t seem to me like the tourney listings ever change. Are they working? Just curious.


Good question!

We calculate points for the Tournament Toplists using the formula:



n=number of participants k=position in tournament b=amount of buy in

Let me try to explain it…

Say you placed 1st in a 10 person tournament with a 10,000 buy in.

If you put those numbers into the formula, it would look like this:


Hence, you would receive 15,844 points.

If you placed 5th in the exact same tournament, you just swap the 1 for a 5, and evaluate.

The formula would look like this:


Hence you would earn 7,086 points.

Please note that we only sum your top 10 multi-table tournaments per week, 20 per month, and 100 per year.

Now that you know the formula, you can just swap out the variables to determine how many points you’ll receive per tournament.

Paul now I know a 20 second clock is too short!

lol, you funny :slight_smile:

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your reply doesn’t answer the question where are the points and what does it count for?

Tournament points are used for ranking only.

You find the top lists on the tab Top Lists / Multi Table Tournaments in your menu.

On your page “Stats” (also a tab in your menu, menu you find when you click on your nick name in the header), you see your own week, month and year ranking points.