Well, about mobile?

As I am reletively new to mobile…

Is there ANY way to keep two windows/apps … live ???

Seems to me the non-live, even within a browser, gets paused
untill it is selected again. I would like to have the Twitch Stream
and my own table going for ToC, but I fear that that is impossible.

I fear android doesnt do multitasking, like a PC would, and yes
I’m also taking the forum’s advise and using Puffin…


Maybe this will help…

Multitasking on Android: how to use split-screen mode

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Well SPG,
Nothing on that page related to my tablet… Seems there’s far more
android OS’s than there are browsers. I was hoping to hear from an
actual tablet user. Seems my particular OS left out any multitasking
ability whatsoever, and was not listed on that page.

Yet again the 1 OS thats junk for someone like me, is the one I got
stuck with. Yay !!! …