BROADCAST disable?

seems that with so much complaints about the freezing and…general stoppage & booting…
Can we put a button/tab to DISABLE the BROADCAST alerts?
just slows everything down…i really dont care who won the millon dollar tourney? and with out the broadcast it may speed things up a bit PLEASE & thank you

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That’s an interesting correlation you’ve made, between broadcasts and performance problems. I haven’t heard of that before, so it’s something worth looking into. Adding a feature to disable the broadcasts is a great suggestion, and I’ll pass that along to the team!

did it get Passed? or just flushed? i do not vunderstand your logic…saying one thing then completly blowing it off…like FIX IT PLEASE

Thanks for the reminder, @roy96! I’ve bumped it up on the suggestion list and we’ll be reviewing it in January. Sorry about that slipping off the plate!

Everything takes time…patience , I am sure it is being looked into it is a good suggestion .

Quick update on this!

We discussed it yesterday and have decided to move forward with the suggestion. While it’s something that we’ll be implementing, we are currently investigating how much dev impact it’ll take to create the setting to disable broadcasts. I’ll have further updates as we look into it, but it’ll be a bit. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

This is especially good good news to me as I have many times suffered being overwhelmed by Broadcast’s Green Ink, which is slightly darker and bolder than the moderators… at least in my mind.

A coincidence no doubt as I was just now concocting the strategy on how to best lobby the “powers that be” on having my ink changed to Coarse Alumina or Dioxazine Purple, unusual dark colors that interplay beautifully with the Staff Orange. Now I am relieved of that duty. It’s a good day.

Funny you mention that, as we’re actually trying to get a new mod text color rolling as well. :wink: The green does blend in with broadcasts quite a bit. Keep your eyes peeled …