Unfair should have a right to choose weather to play

last nite I hit quick play by mistake and it took 40000 chips from my acct. did not ask if wanted to play anything. not fair…check my playing I do not bet that amount in only a few seconds. should be a warning.

I dont think “warning” would be any good. I see could be a problem for users who have high bank but not like play on high stake.

Instead, before we can use thet button, I would prefer a pop up with the set up tables first thing.


Gramma3434, I’ve refunded you the 40K chips. Do you recall if you were prompted to Pay BB, or Wait? It depends what position you were sat at. If you’re a high stake player we usually sit you at a high stake table, but of course not all high stake players like to play there. In the future I think we should add a way to pick your favorite tables and then automatically sit you at them if available.