Unable to reach support

yesterday i bought into the 10,000 omaha hi-lo at 1:45 cent. after 1 hand the site went down for a long time when it came back up i hand benn blinded out i messaged happiness that said support would look at it i have been unable to message support to find out why my chips would not be rsturned thanks cigarb

I emailed them through my own email and I had a similar problem on another game. I was told it could take a while for the chips to be returned. I believe it to possibly be a delay tactic and it will be hard to keep track if the chips are returned. You may have to write down the chips you start with each day and the number at the end of each game. Pain in the butt, however it will give you evidence when you contact them again.

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Yep, refunds are coming!

We’re getting through the backlog of emails, so if you haven’t heard from us yet, you will. Our developers will be making sure refunds are processed within the next business day or two – we had to let them have a nap after fighting fires all night. =)

We don’t wantcha to lose chips either, 'cause that’s no fun.

My chips came flying back to me yesterday tyvm. I am a strong supporter of RPP and
RPP-support…buncha great guys and gals…


If anyone hasn’t seen a refund they were expecting yet, please be sure to hit us up at support. Renato and Andrew have been hard at work making sure everyone gets their chips. =)

Would be nice if I got a refund since I did not participate in any tournament.