TV Show Theme Songs & Music!

What are some of your favorite TV show theme songs or music from TV shows that you’ve heard? Here are a few of my favorite TV show theme songs.

ER theme song - I remember my parents watching this show and hearing this theme song all the time when they heard it. During the pandemic I was able to watch it and it’s a great medical drama show! Season’s 1 through 8 are my favorite though the other seasons are decent too.

Hell’s Kitchen theme song - The first time I heard this song by the Ohio Players on Hell’s Kitchen! This song fits the show perfectly.

The Simpsons theme song - The series is an all time classic and that’s is one of my favorite theme songs. Sure the earlier seasons are better then the current episodes but I’ll always be a fan of The Simpsons.



As a child I would dash into the sitting room the moment this music started. Funny how the programmes you loved as a child are the ones you remember the most…


Perhaps the most iconic theme from TV or radio is the William Tell Overture by Rossini. Everyone has heard it at least once and remembers it as being exciting. A listener can feel the horses’ hoof beats. But, did you know the version we all know and love is only the Finale to the much longer work?

Here’s the one you know with images of various horse charges from movies:

Here’s what Rossini actually wrote. The above Finale is only the last 3:12 minutes of it. You may be surprised, since the mood of the music is so different from the familiar.

And, yes, that portly gentleman is Rossini.


My husband has insisted I include this !!!


Probably one of the greatest songs ever written. Makes sense, because it’s the theme of the best show ever made!


It just doesn’t get any better than this :+1:t2:


Here’s a couple of memories. The first has a lead-in featuring Walt Disney himself for a bit less than a minute, then the music starts with the FULL Ballad of Davy Crockett

Then, there’s a short one from a show about early Arizona, in Tombstone Territory