Video Game Music!

What are some of your favorite soundtracks / music that came from video games? I’ll start.,

The Uncharted theme song - It definitely has an adventure type feel and it fits the series perfectly. This is basically the theme song throughout the first 3 games with each having slight changes. In the 4th game the theme music is similar but with a more modern feel

Journey theme song - This is the next game I plan to start playing and the music fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Mario theme song - Definitely classic video game music! I think this one was of the very first games I ever played so I had to include it on this list! Brings back memories!!!



This is easy. Here are my favorites: First from Braid, second from Fez:


My favorite game of last year was Outer Wilds, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys games where you have to explore and piece together the story. It’s really beautiful, and the music plays a key role in the game.

I actually haven’t played Dustforce, but I enjoy listening to the soundtrack while I work. Chill chiptune vibes.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is full of good music, but one of my favorites is the epic battle music when you’re fighting Dark Beast Ganon, as it’s a perfect mashup of some of the previous songs you hear throughout the game.

I could go on about this forever because it’s my niche special interest, but I’ll stop there. :wink:


Some of my favorite soundtracks from The Last of Us franchise.


Hopefully some of you are familiar with the classic game I76. Guns and rockets strapped to cars - what’s not to love? And the soundtrack? Enjoy…



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You kill uglies, get banner. You bring to me, or else…

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Appears my link above from last year is broken - don;t want any of you to miss out on the greatest video game soundtrack ever. Intro is funky as hell, if a bit long - but listen to the whole nine minutes - you won’t regret it!


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Thanks. Saving this one. I can get my strat quackin like it should messing around in the rehearsal studio with these kind of rhythms and beats.