Tourney cancellation time


When a tourney is scheduled to start at a certain time, with a minimum number of players, it gets cancelled 2 minutes before the scheduled start time if the minimum number of players is not met.
However, when a tourney starts, players still have time for a late registration (usually 10 min or 15 min).

Would it be possible to extend the time before cancelling a tourney to include the grace period of 10 or 15 min? Many tourneys wouldn’t be cancelled because the minimum number of players will most probably be met by then.

I have tried to sign up to tourneys that I found out were cancelled, some time around or shortly after the scheduled start time, with only 1 player short to meet the minimum of 2 or 4 or 6 players.


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1 player short of the minimum of 2. Isn’t that just one player???

Yes it is. And 1 short of the minimum of 4 is 3 players And 1 short of 6 is 5 :slight_smile:

Hahahaha, and 1 short of 1 = none.

Good idea though to wait to cancel because most I’ve noticed over the last couple of years do not register until the last few minutes of the registration deadline.

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I don’t see any MTTs canceling early, but the minimums are so stupid low, I kinda don’t see the need… I can see your side, and maybee even like 2 min grace… but personally the minimums seem to work pretty well as is to me…

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Hi @Sassy_Sarah,
You’re probably talking about Hold’em tourneys which are rarely cancelled.Hi/Lo tourneys are also rarely cancelled. However, Omaha tourneys and Royal tourneys are much more frequently cancelled due to not meeting the minimum number of players by the tourney starting time. When I started this thread it was right after one of my favourite daily Royal tourneys had been cancelled for yet another time because only 3 players were registered and the minimum required was 4. I also know for a fact that many players came to register right after it was cancelled and they couldn’t. If the late registration grace period was allowed the tourney wouldn’t have been cancelled.
Thanks, Maya


Hi @Craig_Anthony ,
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Your welcome. Truth be told , I was one of those hopeful Royal players twice.

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No, I was reffering to a MTT canceling “early” before the posted start time…
I do see others that cancel, like the 30 tickets MTT, min is 9-11 there …

All I was pointing out is the min # of players is so low as is, they deserve to cancel if they can’t meet the mins…

You see Cohen, this is where a chat window of a few lines would help… those 3 ppl could “advert” to get that 1 more player to start the MTT… or even a way to send requests, from ur friends list, to ppl to come and play in that MTT too…

Maybee you should start a thread on Royal, to get interest going so theres always ppl to get them started. I know interest in the BB 500B&R went up after my thread…

Yeah all the bingo players went there lol

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The whole point of starting this thread is that there is no lack of players and no need to get anyone more interested than they already are. The only problem is that the players are signing up a bit late, hence the cancellation. If the grace period is included as I suggested, the problem will be solved and there will be less or no cancellations at all. Advertising for a game and getting more people interested all sound wonderful, but I don’t think they offer a better solution than extending the period before cancelling a tourney.


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lol @Craig_Anthony :+1:

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I guess I don’t see the difference between the 3-4 ppl that didn’t register on time, and the 3-4 ppl that don’t register during the cancelation time… Yes I see your point, if there’s late reg. why isn’t there grace time… Iono, why isn’t there alot of things around here that would make life better here…

If the min players was like 2 tables, so 12-18 ppl… then I could get behind you, but with a min like I said, super low @ 2-4 ppl, and rarely its @10 for that 30 tickets tourny… If you can’t get 4 ppl then it should cancel…If the MTTs are advertized correctly, none would ever cancel either…

And yes to a degree there is a lack of players for the Omaha & Royal games in general… ring/SnG/MTT all 3 need more players… What I do see Cohenmaya is also, canceled MTTs don’t delete off the list like they should, and just sit there & sit there… Giving some ppl the impression they still can enter, then they can… and thats frustrating when its within the late reg period…

In reality, rather than a xtra “time for this or that”, what you should be saying is … " If at the appointed start time there are insufficient players to start the tourny, players will be seated, and untill Late Registration is over the MTT will not cancel. If During Late Reg. sufficient players have entered to meet the minimum, then the MTT will start. If after Late Registration there are still insufficient players to start the MTT, then it shall be canceled" … Basically you’d be saying the Late Reg period would also be the grace period…

(edit) - just saying if there’s a short grace, and still you don’t get the ppl, then right after your grace, ppl want to get in… isn’t it still the same thing ??? thats why if it was gonna be done, combine it with Late Reg.

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I can see that, i just can’t see the mentality of waiting until The last minute of the late registration period.

I never have and prolly never will .

More than once (at Omaha usually) I’ve had my alarm ring, proceed to the Tourney Lobby, only to find that the Tourney was cancelled BEFORE the arrival of the start time. IMO, at the very least, the tourney should not be cancelled until the ANNOUNCED START TIME has passed. If Replay wanted to include all or part of the “grace period”, it would not be a problem (for me) but cancelling before the announced start time is just rude.

I never register more than a couple of minutes before the start because, more than once in the past, I’ve registered and have then gotten tied-up/sidetracked on another site and lost my registration fee by the time I could return. As a result, I now go to the Lobby, look at the MTT’s coming up, and if I decide to play, I set an alarm and return at the announced start time. I refuse to sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the start time nor do I want to pre-register and risk losing my registration fee if I cannot return at the correct time.

It’s not a big problem, just a minor annoyance.


I can see that .:+1:t2:

@Sassy_Sarah That’s exactly what I was saying from the beginning. I never said “extra time for this or that”. I specifically said extend it to include the late registration time!!!

@Craig_Anthony it’s not always done on purpose. It’s just human nature to be late to appointments :slight_smile:
Some people are punctual but many others aren’t lol

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@cohenmaya ,

Now Cohen, semantically you did NOT specifically say EXACTLY that from the beginning , you may have inferred it… but since it was split apart sentence wise, I did take it as 2 separate things… geeze… so no, you did not specifically say that, if thats what you meant JINX !!!

If such a rule exsisted I could see no MTT ever canceling, even tho it had a skeleton of players. You have to admit, it is beneficial to Replay to have some MTTs cancel, so they can better tweak what they offer so less end up canceling out…

I can also see some pleyers saying, well Late Reg is Xminutes after MTT “starts”, and if it takes 14 xtra minutes to then get enuff players and it starts… you have to restart the Late Reg clock thus kinda making it 29 minutes of Late reg, and I’m not sure Replay would want that… they can’t give some players a right, then have that take away a right of another player…

I disagree, there is a lack of players/interest, thats why you can’t get your 4 lousy ppl to start your MTT… comon 4 ppl, if you can’t get 4 it deserves to cancel.

I must confess, I can’t understand why you oppose so vehemently a legitimate and simple request made by another player, only because it doesn’t affect you. Why does it bother you that much? What would your personal disadvantage be, if for such tourneys as Royal and Omaha, which are not as popular as Hold’em, the reaching of the quorum (for lack of a better word) were extended for a couple of minutes?
I don’t know your criteria for choosing a tournament. I only know that when I see I have an hour leisure time, I quickly log in, I see a tournament I’d like to play, and I register in it, sometimes before, sometimes after the beginning of it.
I play all games, Hold’em, Omaha, Hi-Lo or Royal, because I like the variety, and I wish there were more.
And as JohninFlorida and other players reported, I, too, tried several times to register in Omaha or Royal 1-2 minutes before the beginning, and I got the message “Registrations are closed”. Well, that bothered me a little.

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