Why do Tournaments start late?

I find myself constantly waiting for tournaments to start well past their stated start times. I understand waiting if there are only 2 or 3 players, but when there are 45, it seems to me that the late register option serves the purpose of giving some grace time to players.
I’m just saying that if I plan to be ready by a started times, the website should hold up their end of the bargain.

There’s a couple good reasons, not the least of which is that folks are human – sometimes that means showing up a little late and losing your buy-in because of being a few minutes later would be a pretty disheartening experience. But, gotta have limits, right?

There’s also the technical aspect: the world is a pretty big place and a lot can go wrong. In real life poker, you generally don’t have to reboot your computer, have to deal with Internet Explorer, or troubleshoot an internet connection before (and during and after, ugh.) you play.

That said, how do you think it could be improved? Removing it entirely is one option, sure, but experimenting is way more fun. =) Would less time be better? How much less? What problems are you seeing created by it? Is it something we can improve with another feature?

Well…I can appreciate all the difficulties that can arise in this on-line environment. I don’t anything against giving people time to get to the dance, as it were.
My gripe probably has more to do with the site holding up the start time in order to get as many players as possible to begin. When a tourney says “2 player min.”, then waits 90min to start when there are 15 players, it seems a bit deceptive, not that I think that’s the intent.
My idea? Change the min. # of players to your desired number. If that number is not reached, unregister everybody, give them a couple hundred chips for their trouble, and try again. I have no problem with giving a reasonable amount of time for that to happen, say 15min past the start time?
I would not be surprised if the game started with a low # of players and with late registration, it grew to a desired level.
In any event, thank you for your prompt response. This is a great site and I look forward to improving my poker skills here.

90 minutes? More like 90 seconds. I’ve played many MTTs and I never waited that long for any tourney to start, maximum two to three minutes.

"You are about to register for Royal Party tournament.
Buy-in: 2K
Starts: Apr 26, 1:45am "
I copied this at 2:44am-----one hour late ehhh? I’m pleased that you have had luck with your sign-ups, but it is a fact that there are a lot of tourneys that start late.

Never played royal, only HE, Omaha and Omaha H/L, never had an issue with either of these variants.

All tournaments starts on the given start time, late registration has nothing to do with the start time, when the late registration is 10 mins, players can register until 10 mins after the tournament is started.

Demonstrably untrue…I refer to my earlier post. I’ve seen many tourney’s listed as 30min late…45min late. I know I’m new here, perhaps I don’t get it…but when the site itself lists a tourney as late, I tend to believe it.

Tournaments start on the given start time, think your lobby page is updating bad and that wrong info shows in the column Status, instead of Running still Late Registration or Registering shows.

When you press F5 the lobby page will update.

When you have this issue very often please send an email with your comp spec to support@replaypoker.com for more personal help.

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