Royal starting times

Why are royal games cancelled at the exact starting time due to lack of players? If You get the minimum players to start the game (normally 4 players) then you have a late registration of 15 minutes and end up with over 20 players?

If there are 2 players (and no guarantee prize) why not just start the game instead of cancelling when you could end up with 20 players?

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Hi Mick-123,

Replay MTT games are cancelled if there are less than the minimum players at 2 minutes before the start time. We use that point as a reference because it gives the system time to allocate seats and prepare tables in order to get the first hand dealt at the Start time. If we waited until the actual Start time to decide if the game is going ahead, it would not start on time.

If it were to start with less than the minimum players, there is still no guarantee there will be any new players.
The registration period is 24 hours. We encourage people who are interested to play to register some time ahead and make sure the game has enough players to start, but the habit of waiting until the last minute or into Late Registration is not restricted to Royal games.



Assuming a ten minute late registration, can you break into a minute of the ten to announce registration will stop in 60 seconds using the same clock used for breaks? In other words, can we start with a one minute break with a visual prompt to register?

Hi, Scratch, I dont think that is practical. The tournament is registering for 24 hours and the Start time is published.
If fewer than the advertized minimum players register their interest to play, I see no reason to extend the window to register further.

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I’m with you Rob. I don’t see any need for these changes.

15 min late reg might help

I have volunteered to ask a question for friends. We all play Royal I am the best to ask because I actually live in EST. They think it is very unfair to change starting times to go with our time change. Seems unfair to the rest of the world. They lose out playing some games because they are now too early or to late for them. Example: Palace now starts at 10:45 for some of them. That is very late. I couldn’t do that either. If left the same, it would only be an hour earlier for us and I am sure we could adapt. If nothing else, the Grand Royale would start at 6:45am, and to be honest, you already make 4 register to have the tournament which means it is canceled a lot. I know. I registered again this morning and there was no tourney. Only 3 signed in again. Please consider this idea of leaving it where it was so everyone can play with their work schedules. If not, thanks for trying. Opinions???