Tourney alerts

I have lost a ridiculous amount of play chips from being completely unaware that somebody sat down and my tournament table is now available. A simple “ding” to alert me my table is ready would go a long way!

Every player who is registered in a tourney get a link that the tourney start. When you play you get that link on your playtable and when you dont play you get the link at your homepage or the page at Replay you have open.

When you leave the site Replay you can see it at your tabs (if you keep that open). Only when you leave your computer or shut it down you dont see if the tourney start. Then you need your own alarm clock:)

Greetings and hope to see you in the Freeroll in a few hours. Good Luck Happiness.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Tournament start alert. i think it would be helpfull if there was somekind of sound that played indicating that a tournament is about to start. there have been a countless number of times where i register then browse the web while waiting and eventully forgetting about my tournament.

yeah but if your waiting and browsing the web till it starts, you could completely forget. i agree that they should be some form of sound implemeted to remind someone there tournaments begun.