It would be nice to be taken to your tourny when it is ready to go

Signed up for a SNG and was not taken to my table. Finally I went to the lobby and I had already lost a chunk of my stack. That is kind of a drag. The page where I signed up only showed four people signed in so I sat and waited. I am not looking for a refund just want to know if this is something that happens frequently? I don’t want to have the lobby up all the time because that slows down my computer. Any suggestions? Thanks and be cool.

i also have a slow computer so i recognise the problem.
you can keep it to only the sng lobby (as you already did). but when unsure it is started already it helps to reload the page, or to signout and signin. you won’t have to worry about your seat to be taken because in the worst case 2 people need to sign in before you and signing out and in takes only a few seconds. and if it is already started you can’t go out anyway but you will know that way.
hope this helps.

I have a powerful computer and super fast, but its seems to be not enough .

Doesn’t all of your computers give out a sound when the game starts and you simply click on open table to be seated ?

Unfortunately my sound is broken.

Sometimes I get a beep , but only if I just refreshed page. Most of the time the main lobby only shows 3 or 4 registered but the tournament lobby will show more , when I see this I refresh main lobby and then they usually show .

Sorry to hear about the sound problem on your computer maxumus and yes Sharon I have to refresh my page but that is on all websites I visit if I am not active for 5 or 6 minutes on that page.

That’s all the help I can give you on that topic :slight_smile:

Craig , 6 months ago I didn’t have to refresh page , I could reg then go to email , Facebook or anywhere else on my PC and I would get the beep and pop up saying my game had started even if I haven’t been back on Replay for 15 mins or longer . Thanks anyway.

Sharon, but more to Craig…

Ever since the update, there is a noticable problem with refreshing of many things… it really is annoying now after a few weeks. It gets worse if you register for more than 1 @ a time.

I have noticed refresh issues, seating issues, and rebalancing issues. Mgmt can’t pin a night/day difference from 1 day to the next on computer issues. I’m guessing it might be Browser update issues. When any site forces its visitors to have the 100% newest browser stuff, then usually alot of visitors get screwed with older versions. In a day/age when a site can “know” what you are using it should port to the appropriate version of the site, and when a site is upgraded ( to a degree ) you shouldn’t just thro out that last version.

Yes, I can say there are Seating, Rebalancing, and Page refreshing issues that were not there before the newest site update.

Good Morning Sarah. I can read from your post that you are a bit frustrated with these issues. This I can say. As an end user I make sure that my computer runs fast and smooth by running the auto clean functions on my computers and updates on a daily basis including different browsers. When on this site I close as many windows as I can and have the attitude that " It is what it is " when it comes to machines and not necessarily any given site and just roll with it. I haven’t seen many issues as far as performance here.

Here’s hoping it gets better for all that have some problems.

Enjoy your day,

not complaining Craig, the more info mgmt has, the better they can address stuff… but it does get annoying not being rebalanced or not seated right away …

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I agree with Sarah , there are lots of players who have this issue which tends to make me believe that the problems are with the site . Take a poll and you will see that it is not just happening to a few of us.

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Thanks for reporting this, everyone! We’ve also gotten increased tickets about this on our support side. We’re looking into what might be causing some players to not get their tournament notifications consistently, and seeing whether it’s related to some folks not getting their friend request notifications either.

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I know Sarah and I hope it didn’t come off that way. Just sorry I couldn’t help more than what I posted. I seldom have an issue and that’s great and I agree, the more info the better on issues.


She is a smart one, you need pay attention what she say, she is a true smart one.

Yes I’ve noticed that :slight_smile: