Tournament navigation

My suggestion is that during multiple table tournaments, once the late registration has closed ALL running tournaments drop to the bottom of the page. Also, on the Sng page - once a table is running, drop it to the bottom of the page. This way we don’t have to wade through running games that aren’t open to us. Make sense to anyone besides me?

Hi feistyOne,

On the MTT and SnG lobby page you have the option to hide running and / or finished tournaments, when you tick these boxes you not see them, as soon you untick the boxes “hide running” tournaments they appear again.

Hope this helps.
Greetings Happiness.

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Thank you Happi! I think I knew this, but just wasn’t thinking. YES, THIS HELPS, lol.

Just a heads-up we’re planning to add in the next few days an extra filter to pick from Freerolls, Low, Medium and High Stake tournaments. Should make it even easier to navigate the tournaments :smile:

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