Tournament breaks

Normally breaks come after a hour after its start for 5 minutes. However this past week there have been at least 4 of them that didn’t break until 65 minutes after the start. Happened in Royal once, HI-Lo twice and regular Hold em once. Not sure what’s going on but we all need a break after hour not later. Thanks.

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No such problems this morning.

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If it’s 8 minute blinds, the break is after 1 hr and 4 minutes, with 10 minute blinds it’s after 1 hr.
I kinda wish they’d make the break period the same as the blinds, like 8 or 10 minutes.
Try to get a bathroom run in and smoke a cigarette in 5 minutes, lol.


Hi, I have checked through the Royal games and found two which have 8 minute blinds and were scheduled to break at 60 minutes, which is mid blind level. We only start a break at the end of a blind level, so it was running to 1hr and 4, or 64 minutes.

If anyone notices other weird break times, please give the name of the tournament and I can review.





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Happened again last night. Break didn’t come until the 64th minute. I forgot to copy the page though. I won’t forget again.

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You can try to find it on you activity page


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OK thanks

Look at the blind schedule for any tournament. It will tell you up front after which levels the breaks are. If you have 10-, 6-, or 4-minute levels the 1st break will always fall on 60 minutes, if you have 8-minute levels the break will come at 56 minutes or 64 minutes because you don’t have breaks in the middle of a level. The info tab with give you a countdown to the next break as well. Note the 2 hour or 3 hour breaks won’t be right “on” the hour either since the 5-minute break will shift all those times to the right.

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