Is there any way to make all the breaks for tournaments at the same time?

Theirs a lot of times where i need to go do something quick but i’m in 2 tournaments at the same time and i have to leave one while I go to do it. If the breaks are at the same time then it would be much more convenient.

Then tourneys should be at same time.

[quote=“GhostRhino, post:1, topic:6329”]
but i’m in 2 tournaments at the same
[/quote]Thats your choice, you can’t have a tourny 10 min in, go on break just cause another tourny is @ 1 hour. Is it really gonna kill ya to sit out a couple of hands on the active table?

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Thanks for the suggestion, @GhostRhino! It’s something we’re planning on considering, but will likely be a bit farther in the future.