Tournament series timing; breaks and start times overlap

Thank you Replay team for a fun, great, free, browser-based poker experience! Having just read some recent forum topics, it seemed high time to ask for your consideration on a topic i have been considering for a while now. In your tournament series, the American tourneys at 8 and 9 pm to be specific, the 9 pm tourney starts just when the 8 pm first break starts. For players who play both and make it to the first break, they either have to sit out the first hands of the 9 pm tourney, or they don’t really get a break. Is it possible to start the 9 pm tourney after the 8 pm first break ends? If starting exactly at 9 pm is important for the second tourney, you could have the first break start at 8:55 p, as an example of one possible solution. Peace.

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Hi UberDuper,

Changing the start time is not possible, but for the first league tournaments (European Culture, American Dream, Asian Showdown) the break starts now in 50 mins instead in 60 mins, than the break is done when the 2nd league tournament starts.

I’m aware it only a solution for when you play the 2 league tournaments, but for the others we have to wait until the synchronised breaks are developed.

In the future Replay Poker hopes to have synchronised breaks, than the break is for all mtts on the same time.

Hope this helps.
Greetings Happiness.

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