Tinkering with the site & Randomly selecting Test Guinea Pigs!

Tinkering with the site & Randomly selecting Test Guinea Pigs!

Its getting a little frustrating that RP just keeps tinkering with the site and Randomly selecting players to be Test Guinea Pigs!

I’d prefer players get the option to Test new features and experiments by RP. Maybe select 20% of all active players with the option to trial the new features for 5K. Give players the option to complete a survey on their experience with new features after a period of time to give feedback.

When you give the “player base” & community very limited input & say on the changes, development and direction of the site I find it hard to see the results being a positive and desirable outcome…

When they test drugs and vaccines on people the participants are willing and aware they are being Tested! They are not randomly selected and unwillingly and unknowingly turned into Test Guinea Pigs.

The Dashboard has been changed for me recently maybe at the same time the Bank page was also changed. It loads as follows…

After a few seconds the Dashboard changes and updates to the following:

I could only guess this change is deliberate from RP and not a bug/glitch, but how the hell do I know as RP gives either no update or very little?

There is a relatively well thought out process for Testing drugs and vaccines. When you give the “player base” & community very limited input & say on the changes, development and direction of the site I find it hard to see the results being a positive and desirable outcome…

I really hope the RP Team would take a second thought about how they tinker, develop and plan the direction of the site, giving the players & community better options to have input & a say in the process.


I fully agree, it’s annoying to say the least when you open the site to check the Lobby and do your general daily routine and you find something has changed, usually for worse than for better, and you have no idea why because nothing has been mentioned in regard to planned upcoming changes.

It will not be difficult to implement a Beta testing option for volunteers, I’m sure the Staff even test new ideas before finishing the design, just like all video game designers.

On other websites for instance, when the general layout changes, you can get an option to either Stay on the current site or Try out the new site. FlightRadar24 had this recently, just as an example.

Something like that needs to happen here because clearly this surprise tactic doesn’t please anybody.


I agree with both of you now lets see if Replay listens to good advice!
I doubt it.


Good points, I mean almost every week the dashboard is different. I hope Replay heeds these suggestions.


Hmmm: what about when a certain part of the group are given placebos?

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Replay roles out beta testing to some players already. Just like they send out surveys to random players and give chips for their participation


Very interesting and reminds of polling randomly about many ideas, successes, failures, leaders, etc. Seems to actually work better than picking the participants, which could be bias to the success of the upgrades of any platform or improvements of Replay Poker as mentioned.

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Its just really frustrating when “players” need to come to the FORUMs and ask what’s going on with X Y & Z bc things like the Bank pag, Dashboard and NEW LOOK gets launched with never little warning. Is there a glitch or bug, or was it a deliberate change?

In terms of better or worse how can you decide when you cant be sure its a deliberate site Tinker or a bug/glitch?

The basic RP tactic fells like the average poker player, playing on RP - just click a button, have fun and gamble, its FREE chips!

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Placebos is part of the fairness of testing in the medical field! My example - an analogy - to express fair testing was probably prob not as relevant and good as @BeerEagle69 about software and websites. The analogy just popped into my crazy brain.

I’m not suggesting RP should emulate the testing done in the medical field per say. I’m just asking for a system and process that makes a little more sense and is more fair.

Agree the system and process will directly corelate to the success of RP regarding to upgrades & improvements on this platform! I’d prefer to call the “upgrades” and “improvements” simply “changes” because as @BeerEagle69 said: “find something has changed, usually for worse than for better”.

My original post wasn’t very clear. My biggest object is players are selected to Test as Guinea pigs unknowingly. How can any player Test a new feature if they don’t know they are testing a new feature?

I really don’t care how RP selects players to be Testers or Guinea Pigs - be it random or selective. I personally think ALL Mods and Player Reps should get the NEW features first, but also give them a message and notification they are using or testing a new feature etc.

Also give all players the option to QUIT a new Beta Testing feature if “said player” doesn’t like it, as @BeerEagle69 said:

If a player quits a new feature, in essence they are voting, “no I dont like it” or “no its not working properly” AKA giving feedback to RP. Maybe RP cares little about feedback…


Glad we can share our opinions and suggestions here on the forum. GL at the tables my friend!


Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all your feedback as always. Personally, I like the idea of giving players the option to participate whenever we have new features and redesigns. I passed this on to the rest of the Team to see what they think.

We’re currently testing out a new Dashboard layout, so we thank you for your feedback! If you’re currently not seeing the games you want on your Dashboard, you can always find all ring games in your ring game lobby and all tournaments in your SnG and MTT lobbies.