The Guessing Game


I’ll start with a “mini biography”.
“Genius and Madness” might be the best description for this man, widely regarded as the greatest of all time in his field.
If he had not died as a result of his drug abuse, he would probably post in these Forums and give us lots of good suggestions. Obviously, if we were willing to endure his arrogant, supercilious, aggressive ways.
Can you guess who he is?


Can only think of Stu Ungar Miri, but am sure whoeverit will come up with the right answer!


You are perfectly correct, Grapevine. For once we don’t need Whoeverit. :slight_smile:
By the way, your new outfit is absolutely stunning! LOL


Why thank you Miri, whoeverit chose it !!


I have heard he is the outfit advisor of many Hollywood stars! Do you know if he accepts new clients?


My first is in snowball, but never in fight
My second is in morning and also in night.
My third is in grapefruit but does not have pips
My fourth is in snuggles and also in lips.
My fifth is in lizards but not in a zoo
My sixth is a clue on its own, just for you.
Seven is heaven in chocolate, not diets
My last is in kisses and also in kites.

When holding my hand this lover excites me, but often alas, he turns round and bites me!

Can you guess the identity of my often unfaithful lover?


Hmmmm… I dare a guess. Could it be “one’s luck”? The letters seem correct, but maybe you are looking for one word only.


No Miri. Keep guessing :wink:
Good one though!


Mine is an alternative truth!

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What a great guess Miri, you are super close and I will confirm it is two words!

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Could it be “ants luck”? I am not familiar with that expression, but it is the only one I can think of that makes some sense.
If it s wrong, I can only wait for whoeverit to come with the solution! LOL


No, but I will give you a further thought Miri. Imagine a welcome friend arriving at your house who turns out to be a false friend!!

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I got nothing …
closest I got was Sirs luck
Sometimes us guys get luckier than we deserve. If you don’t believe me just ask Mrs who…


Which hand starts your heart racing only to often deceive…


Just got it…
2 words
This was so good I don’t want to solve it because i am A King lol


You are allowed to be a genius!

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Ok guys … I cracked it and added a hint. What are you waiting for.


We know you are A King but are you suited?
lol that was another hint :wink:


Oh dear, are you waiting for me to move on? Sorry!
I would have never been able to guess “big slick”, because it is an expression I didn’t know. Forgive the foreigner! I had to google it, or you’d have waited for ever.
It happens to me sometimes. I am a passionate fan of cryptic crosswords, in English and German, and when I can’t find the last word despite having almost all letters, I immediately know the word is new to me.
The English language has more than 800,000 words, and I hate not knowing them all! My comfort is that most native speakers don’t use more than 3,000 words, as I read somewhere. LOL

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