The best hand you've lost with


So what is the best hand you’ve ever lost with? I can’t decide between two recent hands I’ve had on Replaypoker. They are both “best hands I’ve lost with” but for different reasons.


I’ve been the bubble boy in big tournaments no less than 5 times on replay. I have probably finished on the bubble or near it about 20 times. So, I was right in my comfort zone when playing a Super Bowl Freeroll that paid the top 18. There were 3 tables left and I was firmly in 20th place with 20 players left. My aces had been cracked by kings on the river about 10 minutes prior and my stack had been decimated. I had been holding on and I was going to be blinded off in two hands when I was dealt J 10. I decided this might be the best hand I could hope for so shoved and got two callers. As the hand played out I connected with nothing. I had a glimmer of hope with a straight draw after the turn but that didn’t pan out. But as the hand played out I noticed something magical happening nonetheless. Check it out.

What happened that made this loss so nice? While I was losing the hand I noticed the empty seats at the table start to fill up. Evidently, two players on another table must have gotten knocked out while my hand was being played. My table started to fill to make up the final two tables. Yes, I lost the hand and still managed to make the money finishing in 18th place. Absolutely the shortest time I’ve ever been in the money but hey I’ll take it. I thought at the time that that might be the best hand I’ve ever lost. The Poker Gods gave me one there. And, then a couple of days later this happened.


Was playing in a sit-n-go yesterday and had the best flop I can remember ever having. Now prepare to be shocked and amazed at what you are about to see transpire. Ask yourself if you would you play the hand differently than I did. Then read my complete breakdown after watching it. Warning - you may experience a WTF moment when watching this…

So, let’s break it down. What I was attempting to do was to lull my competition into a false sense of security. I certainly didn’t want to take so many of my competitor’s chips so early and completely demoralize them by showing such a stellar hand. I’m a modest guy and didn’t want to showboat the monster, so I thought about it and quietly folded the hand.
I’m a real stand-up guy.

Do you really believe that lol? So what actually happened? I lost my connection to the poker site. Hadn’t happened before. I think the Poker Gods were waiting patiently. They just happened to pick that time to have a little fun. Picture if you will a guy on his couch in a blind panic waving his laptop around looking to regain a connection that was sending his straight flush right down the drain. That poor lad may never be mentally right again. The first sign of that is talking about yourself in the third person…

At least I did come back to take second place in this one - final hand below.

Small consolation, and truth be told, I’m still steamin lol. Do you have a best poker hand you lost with?

So, while getting ready to post this I read VinnShady’s post about recent glitches. Maybe that explains what happened to my str8 flush. Been using Chrome with some addons so think I’ll try Explorer for awhile.


Not a big cooler, but this hand made me laugh so hard.

I was playing a 1000+ seat real money MTT, the river gave me 8888x. I had my lone opponent on a flush draw, and that 4th 8 completed it… but he ended my day by turning over a straight flush. It happens.

wow that would hurt !! believe me I know pain !!! lol

Wasn’t me (obviously) but this is REAL Pain…

AAAA loses to runner runner Royal (YouTube Link)

I don’t even know how player airtel felt after this hand #116911104.

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Wow this is ridiculous! 1 outer :dizzy_face: