What is your worst lose?

LOL, sometimes you just have to look away. I had pocket aces. WooHoo. The flop came ace, ace, heck I dont recall the rest. Right? Poker GOD I Love You. I do my thing working up the pot. Turn card comes and I laugh. Run the pot up a bit. MMM looks nice now. River comes. I am now dancing in my head. All in fools. I got a caller. WooHoo dumb fool. Remember four aces. Dude flopped a flush. WHAT? Felt like a bullet in my head. Whats yous?

Since when does a flush beat four aces??? Straight Flush???


And how can the other guy flop a flush on an AAx flop? LOL

What is your worst LOSE??? the word is LOSS…amazing to me how many ppl on here cant spell!!! ROFL

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This is replay poker. You can show us the hand.

Real game, Tunica MS.

Pocket AcAd, raise pot, 4 of 9 in hand.

Flopped 3 K A…bet pot, 2 fold, left in game me & 1…

Turn card 9 bet half pot, called. Pot now at over 4,000.

River card K. Move all in with AAAKK Full house and called…pot at 7, 600

Other guy at table KKKK…rivered again…

…it was a punch in the gut but I had to mentally remember I only really lost $100 that I started with…


never, I am too good! hence i never lose!

Tell me how does one player play 127 hands not one win i don’t get it what i do get it’s there game there fame they put chips in to call a hand when i folded that’s cheating but can’t do anything about it they have treated me terrible four months and unfair they should not be able to call a bet on players am so sick of replay and them cheating me out of chips and hands and games it’s dishonest have to tell someone ty sorry sammy

It’s difficult to understand the situation you are trying to describe. Can you rephrase it?


I just spent chips on a game and lost in the first hand, all in. that is the fastest possible loss in game history. I entered as player number 148 and lost as player 156, so I went down in the rank from when I started. My straight lost to a boat, on the river. my plans for world domination that lasts as least 5 minutes were eliminated leaving me four minutes to ponder my defeat. the world carries on.

This happened today.

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I did that online (real money). We can play in Nevada for $$ online so I decided to give it a shot.

First hand.

AQ in hand. Flop was QQA. Ended up all in for $200. Other player had 2Qs.

Pulled the rest of my money out and won’t go back.

Hmmmm…. Was that a 5 Queen hand? Maybe had 2 Aces?


Good one. Once I lost 1200$ in three hours playing Black Jack. Never went back to the casinos.

(Loss wasn’t too bad, I had made some 600$ in earlier days. I did go few times to casinos in other places to see and have little fun, with slot machines and video poker, but never looking to win.)

Three of us in the hand. I have a flush King high, one player has an obvious straight Ace high. Ace on flop and one on the River. We all go all in after major bet battle.

I am absolutely sure I have this thing and I am already celebrating when third player mucks (edit: shows) pocket Aces.

Yup- 4 aces beat my big flush and his big straight.

The whole table groaned except the winner lol!

My worst bad beat was years ago when it was still legal to play for $$ in the U.S.
Believe it was a $5 tourney, here’s what happened.
My starting hand was AA, made a good sized bet that another player called.
Flop came out with an ace, the other 2 cards I don’t really remember, as they didn’t matter.
I went all-in, the other player called with pocket 8’s. Two cards to go, I had a set of aces, other player a pair of 8’s, I was smiling…I thought no big deal when the turn was an eight, but when the river was an eight as well!!
Sheesh, was I ever p-oed, still had a few chips left, but was out of the Tourney soon thereafter.
The odds of that happening can’t be much worse, never will forget that one.

how are you beat by 4 of a kind aces if someone mucked pocket aces?

Two aces on the table.

i know, but u also said he mucked his aces :wink:

Uh huh, and that is a 4 of a kind aces that beat my flush and the other guys straight.

mucking means that he folded.
even more specifficly, that he folded without showing.

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