Thank You Replay Poker

I would like to start by thanking Paul, replay poker staff, support and all the moderators(who did not beat me up during the tournament lol) for the opportunity to compete in the first RPOS. Back in february of this year i had a Pace Maker implant (i’m doing much better now thank you) I needed something to do during my recovery ( I got bored watching TV all day lol) my brother suggested playing On-Line poker ( i have been playing poker w/ friends since i was 12). I had only played a couple of times on- line prior, at my brothers, so i went to several sites to sign up. For everyone out their that complains about problems at Replay they should visit some of the other on-line sites out their LOL!! When i first started at replay i played only ring games. Next i started to play in freerolls, I built up some funds and started to play in tournaments’ (I was hooked!!!) i really enjoyed the action of the tournaments. Back in July I was fortunate enough to win the National Tournament (8 games over 4 days); however, what i enjoyed most was all the congratulations i rec’d form the other players. I had only a couple of people on my friends list at that time and my chat was limited to “ty” and “nh”(i am a very slow typist lol). Since then i have added alot more people to my chat list. I think its great getting to know people all over the world that like playing poker as much as i do. This brings me to my victory the other day in the RPOS, i enjoy this win far more than the other because almost all the players in the top 50 are on my “friends list”. The fact i play against these excellent players almost everyday and can still win shows me i have become a much better player. But even more important than this, whether i win or lose in a particular game i leave my computer feeling good. (of course i feel better if i win lol). So I would to add a special thanks to all the players of Replay Poker who make this site not only enjoyable but a great learning experience for me. P.S. they say the third times the charm, so hope to see everyone at the next RPOS , so i may charm everyone LOL.

Thank you Johndqqq! RPOS will be back in 4 months time and there will be additional side promotions around it to make it more fun and successful. One of them will be around the RPOS I League of Legends winner so get ready to be involved in the action :).

Cheers, Shake

Thanks johndqqq for your kind words. It’s posts like these that make all the effort worthwhile for us, even after a bit of a rough day tackling those dreaded bugs!

You played an excellent serie Johndqqq. It needs alot of concentration playing them all so well as you did. My compliments.

And congrats to all winners. Very well done!!

I’m looking forward to the next promotion:) Greetings Happiness.