Gratitude and appreciation

I salute all players I’ve fortunate to play with this (approximate) last month. Excellent play, poker etiquette, humor and for me excellent way to pass time; just need to improve my game…thank you all!

Awesome to hear, thanks for sharing asonnyz!

Roger that asonnyz. That kind of play and attitude makes the site what it is.

I’ve been a poker player most of my adult life and now that I’ve retired from live play I find it refreshing to come to a site like replay and enjoy the same type of completion without risking my money. The players are well mannered and it is a pleasure to play with them. I recommend this site to my friends who are still working on their skills. You would be surprised to learn of some of the people you are really playing against. Most don’t post their real names because it could be embarrassing in their real lives. LOL

Thanks for the uplifting words Lyle

Great to hear that lyle8446 - I’ve shared your words with our team as there’s nothing we like more to hear than all our efforts are paying off! :smiley: