Thanks to friends a site

Congratulations to Johndqqq on his win I echo his thoughts about the site. I have to admit though I didn’t win 2nd place, I was lucky some players couldn’t play every tournament. Learned a lot, looking forward to next one, also made some great new friends. This site made some tough times this year very manageable so thank you replay the mods were great for me. In the past few months I was able to hook up 2 of my friends and in April they will be getting married. Do we have any shirts that say " We Met On Replay Poker" LOL. Again thanks to all my friends and thanks to Replay for being here where I spend 50 hrs a week LOL. and yes I probably roofed that Home Depot down the street LOL

Thanks for the kind words 1roofer, I’ve shared them with the rest of the team.

And by the sounds of it, that’s not the only thing we’re sharing here on ReplayPoker… :wink:

This site you can order some, I have to tell: RP not benefit from your purchase there. If not good inaf:

Im sure Paul let you use the RP logo (you have to ask hem) to disign your own " We Met On Replay Poker" there. Still time! Would be cool the bridesmaids dress like thet. dont forget post it on RP facebook! :slight_smile:

All the Best