Team Poker Players

I am confused about how Team play is not considered, or borderline at the very least, collusion? When I play in a regular game and see all the team players in same game, it is daunting to me. I know that a few of them get on skype but they say not during the game…but who knows? How is team play NOT COLLUSION?

I think it is one thing to “wear” a team shirt, and another to collude during individual tourneys.

For Heaven’s sake, the last team game I was at (Tuesday) three of my team mates were taken out by, um, my other team mates.

Also, I only communicate with my team via Replay comms, but I know there is Skype option as well.

Now, does my anecdotal evidence clear all doubts about “team collusion” – probably not, but as far as I know, no self-respecting players will “collude” to steal free chips.

My inflationary two cents, J.

Hi Finnyll! I was just curious about what you wrote:

Is this the text box on the game table itself or some other communique system that you are mentioning? Thanks!

Oh no,

I meant the general messaging system Replay provides.

You need to befriend people, and then you can send messages. It works like an e-mail system.

And, of course the table messaging, but in team play games, we cannot use it to advice/strategize, only – like always – to compliment, complain, and banter.


Okay then. Just wasn’t sure what you were referring to. Thanks much for the reply…