Trying to Play with Friend


My friend and I are trying to play in the same poker game, but since we are roommates and have the same IP address, replay poker won’t let us both be in the same game. Is there anyway to remedy this? We have a sincere desire to practice poker with other players and have no intention of cheating.


As far as I know , the only way is to reg for an MTT together . I think there has to be a minimum of so many players , but you could end up on the same table. I could be wrong though .


Most gaming web sites have ways to prevent collusion… the prob is , 1 of the easiest ways is a simple IP check… 1 acct per IP address. Some sites also allow exceptions with a high degree of scrutiny before its approved. Other sites have a complicated way to ferret out mult players from the same IP.

I get scared even trying to play with friends I have met on Replay from other places, ya never know what might be called collusion… if I’m playing dumb poker and say you profit , and we’re friends , is that collusion …

Prolly not, but very hard to prove either way. thats why its usually just easier to only allow 1 acct per IP address… Yes you can petition Replay for exempt status, but thats up to them so don’t hold your breath. If you and your roomate play games often, and want to play against each other in realtime, contact your ISP and ask if its possible to get multiple IPs , but I have found on other sites… some companies will contact ISPs and simply ask…"Are these 2 IPs paid for by 1 person, if so then disallow both if there are any potential issues, such as playing on the same table… at the same time.

When more ppl used Dial-up, this was not as much of a problem… because each time you log’d into your ISP you got a different IP address, so 2 ppl calling on 2 lines from the same house would have different IPs.

The simple answer is this as it was explained to me.

A couple I know here ( husband and wife) were both registered to Replay Poker from the same household and IP address. They could not be logged in from the same IP address at the same time but were given permission to register both from that same IP Address.

Them some weeks later were given permission to log in at the same time but could not sit at the same table to play of course ( possible collusion).

Same person with multiple registrations and multiple profiles from the same IP address ? Totally different story.

That’s all I can tell you.

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So how did you make out with your question ?