Seven Card Stud Carnival 2023

Does anyone know if each day under 30 is paid daily or are all the winnings paid after the carnival is over tommorow?

If you have a tough day, there is always the next day, as point totals will reset at midnight ET, giving you seven fresh chances to reach the top 30 highest point scorers of the day. Check back on this page each day to see how you are scoring. Starting Monday, September 4th, through Sunday, September 10th , you can earn your share of 1,000,000 chips per day , by earning as many Ring Game Points as possible.

I would guess by this they are paid daily, sometime on the weekends they are a little late.

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CORRECTION! Thanks Will, but stupidly I missed the payouts for each preceding day! They are there and Iā€™m very happy I played! Thanks again for your reply!