Something Semi-Interesing-ish

Figure out how many days you have been playing here. I used This Site and used the 15th of the month as my starting date.

Multiply that number by 2,500 to calculate total daily bonus. I haven’t logged in every day, but calculated as if I had. Eh, close enough.

Now, add the number of chips you have bought, if any. Let’s call this, “unearned chips.”

Take your current bank, then subtract the unearned chips to get “total chips won.”

Next, go to your “statistics” page (dropdown on the upper right) and get your total hands. Subtract hands folded to get “total hands actually played.”

Finally, divide the total chips won by the hands actually played. This will give you the average amount you win or lose per hand played.

Mine is just over +900 per hand. For a ring game player, this would probably suck. I only play tournaments, and it still probably sucks. I really have no idea. It’s better than losing 900 a hand, I guess.

Anyway, it’s a semi-interesting-ish thing to do, so do it.

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You are forgetting the rewards and awards and bonuses from leader boards and contests and giveaways.

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This is where RPP having a public API for doing mathy things with your poker data would come in real handy.

You can actually go to your Bank Transactions page, hit “show all” and page down, and keep on paging down until you get to the very first day you started playing. I just did that. Then highlighted the table, copy, paste into Excel. It pasted cleanly (a first for pasting HTML tables into Exel!) so now I am filtering out all the bonuses. And there’s a lot more than just the daily, let me tell you.

I should have a reasonably cleaned up estimate when I’m done doing all this math.

Edit: OK here’s my results:

4325773 chips in bank
950000 chips awarded through all types of bonuses
3,375,773 chips won
28650 total hands played
18069 hands folded
10581 “hands actually played”

319 chips/“hand actually played”

I don’t yet have data to really know if that’s bad or not, but I’ll take it.

Incidentally, I’ve won 6053 hands, so that translates to an average pot win of 558 chips. I’ve still won 21% of the pots for the total number of hands I’ve played, which seems pretty good, and 50% at showdown and 50% by making my opponents all fold. I used to have a much higher “wins without showdown” rate, something like 75% of my hands won were without showdown at one point.

Dividing the number of chips won by the number of hands played is not a correct method unless you ONLY play ring games, preferably same stakes.

Tournament chips are not the same as play chips, and tournament prizes are calculated differently to chips won per hand. You can play 4 hands and win 1M chips in a SnG, that doesn’t mean you won 250K chips per hand played, it just means you won the tourney. The tournament prize cannot be calculated the same way a ring game win is calculated.

In a ring game, you have control over how many hands you play, and the amounts you win can give useful data. However, in tournaments, you have no control over the number of hands played, and to win a prize you have to play till the end. Whether that’s 3 hands or 300 hands, the prize will still be the same. So in this case, the data is useless.

I don’t think this is a valid method, and don’t think it gives any valuable/useful data.

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Yeah OK, you should subtract chips from contests and giveaways too. I never got any from those. As far as leaderboards, they are chips won, not unearned, so they count towards chips won.

Nope. They are rewards. They are not chips you won per hand played. You can’t count them as such.

I guess if you want to go through your bank history like I did, there’s a lot of different types of bonuses, and we should have some common understanding of what to exclude.

I have awards from:

  • Achievement unlocked
  • Admin
  • Award Won
  • Daily Bonus
  • Prize Won
  • Refund
  • Ring Game
  • Tournament

In my numbers above, I took only Ring Game and Tournament winnings, so did not include any bonus chips for league play, promotional awards, etc.

No, you have won 1M minus your entry fee If your bank went up 1 mil by playing 4 hands, you have won 250k per hand.

Yes, tournament chips are not the same as RP chips, so what? How does that make a difference?

It makes a difference because you have no control over the number of hands you played. So if you play a SnG and after 3 hands you win 300K that makes it 100K per hand. If however you win the 300K after 30 hands then that’s 10K per hand. Who is more skilled? Who played better?

How is this data useful? How does it relate to skill? How can you merge it with ring games and get useful data to use for improving your game? It’s pretty much useless data IMHO.

I think the point Maya’s trying to make is that at the end of a typical MTT, you’ve bought in (say 20k chips) to take back out (say 300,000 chips for a first place win). But the amount of chips in your starting stack and final stack are quite different. You may start with 3000 chips in front of you at the first table, and if you finish #1 you’ll have maybe 250,000 to 1M+ by the end of the tournament.

Whereas, in a SNG, you buy in 25K to get 2500 chips and if you win you have actually won 22500 table chips but the prize for 1st place is like 138500.

So the “chips per hand” really isn’t the same. Tournament chips and Tournament winnings are apples/oranges.

Ring game chips would totally crush Tournament earnings chips if you compared the two. Every chip earned in RG play translates to 1 chips in your bankroll. Every chip won in a pot in a MTT or SNG, doesn’t.

I don’t think mixing ring game wins and tournament wins is a good idea for the reasons stated above. Up to you what you do with this data but I don’t think it’s accurate or useful, unless you only take the ring game wins separately.

You can do it or not) however you want. I"m not saying this is perfect, but it is semi-interesting-ish to me. If it doesn’t seem semi-interesting-ish or worth doing to you, don’t do it.

But it can be a useful thing. For example, let’s say you are playing 10K SnGs and want to move to 25K SnGs. You could calculate the number, save the data, then work it out again just counting the hands played and chips earned since you move up. Are you doing better at the higher stakes or worse? I like to know these things.

There is a reason I didn’t name this thread “Something So Super Important That You Must Do It Now!”

Do that then. I rarely played ring games, so it doesn’t matter to me. If you play both, sure, do it that way.

I agree, RG and Tournament chips are not equivalent; I just did it as a “following instructions” exercise to see what my number was by the same formula that SPG came up with his 900/hand figure. I’m not the one saying it necessarily means anything. (It means something but I’m not making too big of a deal out of it.)

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I only play tournaments, so it won’t work for me anyway to do these calculations. It won’t show me anything useful :slight_smile:

I understand the point, but think it’s pointless. How does tournament stack size even enter into it?

You play X amount of hands, and win or lose Y amount of chips. I don’t care how many tourney chips I had. Your bank doesn’t reflect this number at all, why even mention it?

Then you have my permission to not do it.

Again, there is no way of knowing, because you have no control over the number of hands played. That’s why it won’t mean anything.

I totally understand. I’m arguing that it’s not even semi-interesting-ish lol

Thank you :kissing_heart:

Then argue it somewhere else, to someone else. Thanks.