Set over set over set

This one hurt: Hand #1024004732 - Replay Poker

I don’t think I could have gotten away from that hand. Too likely that one of my opponents had an overvalued top pair.


ouch! i hope you get better luck next time :wink:
have fun…

Hero folding can be a costly mistake. I’ve made a few frustrating, self embarrassing mistakes bc I figured how can I possibly be good? Still its not surprising one player has a set here!

I did Hero fold a set 22 on the flop, 3 way, a while ago that was against at least 1 other set - but OFC not before throwing away a bunch of chips on the flop first lol. I was fairly deep.

It would be a very advanced & exploitative fold here. I would guess calling is fairly default & cant be too bad, and folding could be a mistake without good reason and reads etc. The Villain w QQ made a lot of sense, and even TT not not particularly surprising either at these stakes!

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That’s where the Luck factor comes in, when your decision has been made, been there my friend and as always GL at the tables

here is a fun old 9MAX 2/4K hand with 66 in BB I lost 7 way to the flop! Its a limped pot for not very similar. The action was crazy on the flop! The SB min bet, I raise 3xBB then VIllain 3Bets massive I tank min 4Bet & 3Better folds and someone randomly 5Bets, I 6Bet all in…

I felt pretty unlucky, although considering the situation, I didn’t need to get lucky I just needed to dodge a few bullets. Can we run it twice?

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There is set over set then there is this. Ouch!!! Death by Quads
Hand #1024484605 · Replay Poker


been there my friend & usually on the river. I know for sure you answered with a vnh :slight_smile:

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All you can do. That’s poker. We both played it right.


pocket nines vs ace something. board goes 9 4 4 4 4.
got my seventh royal three or four days ago, but that loss is the hand i remember.