Replay # 1 in my book

I have checked out some other very popular poker site the last few days. One gave me severe eye strain, and the graphics were poor, hard to find the button, and words tight and small. The other glitzy sites were too darn speedy. A lot of flashy junk. No time to think. BANG, BANG, BANG…
Replay is player friendly and simple to operate. Don’t change, please.


That is so nice of you to say :slight_smile: Welcome to our awesome community !


Thanks Craig. Been here about 2 months. Learning a lot.

thank you very much for your words of encouragement I know poker support works hard to make sure players have an enjoyable time

I played no different sites too and now in casino, and I think Replay its best place, also my poker friends prefer play on Replay Poker then on Poker Stares.