Replay Poker

what is it most we like about replaypoker, the great site, the game, or the cool people we can meet .


Some of the above . :slight_smile:


There’s far too much to love about Replay Poker, but if I had to pick 1…

I can be in a MTT I want to play in, within 2 minutes of logging on, 98% of the time.
( never eliminate late entry )


I’ve met quite a few great people on Replay so that’s my top pick. Also just being able to play Poker and work on my game or play In tournaments anytime I want is very convenient. Plus there’s always new promotions and events to play in so it doesn’t get old or boring.


great answer marc, you use a c I use a k at the end of mar, lol .

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So far, the biggest plus has been the people. You will always find bad apples wherever you go but both the players and the moderators/staff here have been great on the whole. Met some really strong players and look forward to playing with them. Also met some really nice minds here in the forums and look forward to learning more from them.

2 months in (Nov. 12th 2016 was 1st day) and I am very happy to have finally found this place.

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Nice to have met you Warlock , hope to play against you again soon. I agree that the majority of people are nice and the staff is very helpful .

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[Rolls eyes]


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Sharon - you are one of the players I have come to respect most here so far. You compete with a purpose, never give up and have one solid and dangerous game. Nirvana would be to be able to play against a field of players like you.

SPG - though I haven’t competed with you directly yet, your comments here on the forum make you another one of my favorite people on this site. Smart, thoughtful and funny. If you play half as well as you write, this is going to be fun.

And right here you have a great example of what I was talking about - 2 people I enjoy tremendously and there are quite a few others I feel similarly about. Just a nice place to spend time for me and the people are the reason.

Cheers all and GL

Awww shucks, thanks! (stuffs his hands into his pockets and kicks the dirt)

I would be a much better player if I followed my own advice.

And yeah, it will be fun when we meet… but only for one of us!

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You’ve used that line a few times before, haven’t you? :laughing:

That’s my line …lol

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All of the above!


Pssssst: Warlock… he playes twice as good…

Ruh roh … :slight_smile:

For me, playing against the best and losing is still a worthwhile effort. Playing against the worst and winning is a waste of time. For play chips and practice, I want a field of sharks.

Geez, I really have to start carving out some time to play. Only managed a little of the ring games this week just to build bankroll.

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I agree with that. In order to play against sharks you need to manage your bankroll and move up the stakes. That is what I have been doing because I want to mix it up with the top 100 players. Unfortunately, they have exponentially more chips than the rest of us (1 billion vs. my ~50 million), so it is very difficult to get to the same stakes as them.

The people are friendly (and some unfriendly) at all stake levels, but if you want to practice putting opponents on ranges, executing bluffs,working on 3 betting ranges, bluff 3 betting, floating, and generally playing game-theory optimal balanced poker, it is only really necessary at the highest stakes. Otherwise it’s the same old ABC transparent fish-crushing game.

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And you can’t get that, playing the same ppl all month long, every month… with a few donks sprinkled in… in the leagues ??

What are these leagues people are talking about? Like the American League monthly leaderboard or private leagues? I don’t have time to do leaderboards, but if there is some other form of competition I would be happy to try it.

The leagues are the American, Asian, and European MTTs and leaderboards.

Based on the times I play, I could maybe play the Asian league about 2 days a week, but that wouldn’t be enough to make the leaderboard, and 5k and 15k is too low-stakes. When I used to have more time, I finished in the top 3 of the high, medium, and low stakes SnG leaderboards. They are a lot of fun, but now they require so many tournaments. I also finished on the MTT monthly medium leaderboard once, but those take even more time.

I guess competing for the leaderboards does put you up against some very good players (e.g., Scratch, if he still plays them, or Satchypaul or Cottage), but about 90% of the players in 15k tournaments are awful, so it’s hard to practice things like bluffing or range balancing.

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