Recognition for defending champs in multi-table tournaments

Defending champions of multi-table tournaments could be given FREE automatic entry into the next running of THAT tourney - The "champ could also be highlighted in a different color at the table to recognize them (Once the tourney is announced there would be one player automatically listed to take part - thus giving them a bit more recognition as the last winner - also gives other players a added motivation to take them down)

New award could also be given for persons achieving multiple repeat champion status e.g. Level 1 - 1 time repeat champion Level 2 - 2 time repeat champion Level 3 - 5 time repeat champion Level 4 - 10 time repeat champion

I like it!!! Wicked idea, look’n forward to this one. This will definitely bring our games up to par for a more competitive tournament site! I hope it happens! Great idea… TheBadBasher

Nice idea SASCO72!

We’ve got plans to replace the awards system with a much more fun achievements system. The new achievement badges are already designed, now we just need to link up what’s going on, in the site with the badges.

level 4 should be 15 time repeat

Depends on if we use consecutive repeat