Designation for Replay Cup Winner

The Replay cup tournament is grueling, Exhausting, Difficult and a heck of alot of fun. The suggestion I have is seeing after the final table winner, the tournament winner, collects his chips, there is no designation anywhere of who won just us who qualified. I suggest that for a year the players name is given a different color or some tag is given to designate him as the winner for the year, transfering to the next winner the following year. The real reason I believe we all put a week of sleepless nights was not for the chips but for the glory…right now…there is no glory for that winner…Love the site…Thanks

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good idea maybe a trophy next to the players name on their profile and a trophy next to their name when they are playing at a table

I agree it was exhausting and grueling week as we battled for every position in each of the qualifiers just to have the right to play in the final tournament
the final tournament was a grind in itself as it took 38 mins of game play to finally bust out a player
I remember was 30 players left and everyone was running down the clock waiting for the final 3 to be busted out to reach the payouts and after that game went pretty quick

as the winner of the final game I want to give props to everyone who played and a special props to HATMAN17 he was a worthy opponent in heads up he tested me on every hand especially on the final hand
when he raised my first thought was he had a monster ace or some kind of low to medium pocket pair
and I re raised his raise and he shoved all in I thought for sure he had a great pocket pair or monster ace and turned out he had neither and I ended up winning the hand and the tourney

We’ll definitely be including the winner in the monthly newsletter that goes out… soon, but we definitely agree. It’s a little weird that it’s hard to find the winner. After all, what’s the point of all those bragging rights if nobody knows you’re allowed to brag? =)

The lobby for the tournament is here:

Something to consider… You should find a way to let people only play a certain about of the qualifiers. Maybe 10 or 12 of them. This way the people that play the best will qualify for the cup not the people that play the most. It will also not hinder people that have to work or have other obligations.

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