I don’t like to call habitual raisers pre-flop. It seems to me that:

  1. some win a lot
  2. a lot go down in flames - it seems that the raisers often kick off an all in fest, or just raise fest leading to an all in fest…which is usually not my battle and happy to sit back an giggle
  3. when I usually fold to this, and I will fold on anything but a high pair or high suited looking for a flush , I usually get a bad hand
  4. however sometimes (very rarely) I get a killer hand on flop…FH, F, etc, and kick myself under the desk
  5. sometimes, if I think someone is on to me I raise as a bluff

More complicated than it looks, eh, poker is!

Any thoughts?

No wonder so much anxiety medicine is sold when people are so easily offended by a comment made in jest. Now are you happy that I edited this comment?

They are there a lot. It works on a small table, but as more players joined they crash and burn.


Not everybody can accept poker banter for what it is , it’s all part of the game. Far too many players take every little comment way to serious , people should just lighten up and relax. I do agree though that some players go too far and are just down right rude and should be reported , it is then up to replay to review the table and decide whether action should be taken. As for using the word Ass… my original username was Smartass , but of course someone reported it as being offensive and I was told to change it.

I’m in the wrong place. I’m done posting in the forums. If this is how it is to be moderated, then I do not want to participate. When individuals that lack comprehension, lack humor, and lack intelligence but yet have the power to control the content and get you banned then I’m in the wrong place. When they are so easily offended, so sensitive, and require anxiety medicine from words typed in a post in jest then I’m in the wrong place. I’m in the wrong place. I have edited my above posts to appease the censors. I’m in the wrong place. I hope now that the words written in jest have been removed that the scars the delicate offended suffered will soon heal. I’m in the wrong place.

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eddie72 , I am sure it’s not easy to be a Moderator and when someone makes a complaint it is their job to look into it.There are even probably times that they can see that no harm was done , but since it offended someone they are obliged to act since every player here is important to them. We may not always agree but there are rules for a reason and must be hard to try to keep everyone happy . I have been muted and also banned from speaking on the forum… the muting I agree with since I did get mouthy and swear a lot at a player , but I have learned from that , so now I either type “no comment” when someone annoys me , which really is a comment and the player usually knows what you want to type or I type [rolls eyes ] , which also lets them know pretty much what I thought of their hand.I have found that typing [rolls eyes ] will usually even make that player “lol” which does help to lighten the mood on the table.As far as the being banned on the forums, that I do not agree with because I really didn’t say anything bad at all , just gave my views on certain things and after a month the ban was removed.Took me awhile to start making comments here again , but as I am sure you have guessed I like to talk (typical woman ). I guess what I am trying to say is find your own way to let a player know that you may not like their play without name calling , then there is nothing to be reported . Most of the Moderators and staff here really just want to have a fun site and are trying their best to please everyone , which isn’t easy , not a job I would want. Good luck to you , I agree with you , and have found my way to deal with it and I hope you can also.

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I usually say “go paint!”


lmao… jerk… oops is that name calling :grinning:


Play your premium hands strong, especially when you have position. Release your other hands and let the donkey-bombers destroy each other if they wish. In tournament play, moving up the ladder without a chip in the pot (other than ante) is a perfectly valid strategy. If you get a premium holding when you are in position on someone you think has been raising light, pound them with a 3-bet.

Always look for a way to exploit the patterns of play you notice in others.