Pet Hates

1 Min Raising. I don`t mind a mind a min open raise. But a min re-raise … Why , why why ? Either put in a decent raise or just call.

  1. Hyper aggressive fish. Yes,yes I know long term its EV+ to play these players but they annoy the hell out of me, they think their plays are actually great plays winning them lots of chips… untill BUST !
    I would much rather lock horns with somebody who actually wants to play Poker even if I lose to them .

  2. Limping with ATC ( I Know almost everyone on here does it )… Just slows the game down IMO. I don`t know for sure but I wonder if everyone got out of the way with their garbage at the start, everyone would actually get to play more games long term ?

  3. Calling stations- Pretty much as above and again EV+ to play these guys but sometimes I just want to scream, just fold for once in your life… Fold dammit !

  4. Slow playing Pocket Rockets. Get some chips in , somebody might call. The longer it runs and the more players stay in the hand the more likely your Aces will be cracked- Just stop it !


All I see there is 5 examples of people you want to be playing against lol #4 is a guaranteed VB and #5 is where you’re gonna stack them especially when they hit a set on the flop and don’t realize that the single flopped A also makes a possible straight draw. Poker is poker, identify, adapt then destroy you’re opponents, looks like you’ve got the identify part down already.


The min-raiser simpleton is my absolute pet hate. Just the mere sound of the auto-min raise puts me on full-on tilt.

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You want to be playing these kinds of players because they are much easier to exploit. If they want to slowplay Pocket Aces, fine. Let their aces get cracked. Win rates are much higher against weak players than against skilled players. I’d much rather play against people I’m better than, than I would people I’m not as good as. Besides, if you let their crappy play bother you that much, it might lead to you going on tilt, and then you might be playing just as crappy as they are.

Another is when they complain if you raise preflop :rofl:

I try not to hate anything other players do. It’s their chips. It’s my job to figure out how to get them.
what i do hate is when i see a pair of aces flop several times during a game, or the board constantly going four to a flush,


I hate coming to a poker forum and seeing 1 thread about poker and 15 about different kinds of music.